Italo has also opened a house in Turin

Italo has also opened a house in Turin

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TO Turin Porta Susa, in the futuristic station designed forHigh speed, opened a new one Italo house. It is the latest in chronological order of the service centers for travelers in Ntv, a reference point for information and assistance, from the purchase and modification of tickets at the parking area, to the free Wi-Fi connection. Italo house in Turin it is adjacent to underpass C, on the side of Corso Bolzano.

In Turin, the NTV service now provides 14 connections a day. Between January and February of this year, 135,550 Italo passengers arrived or departed from Porta Susa: 44% traveled on the route Turin-Milan and 15% on Turin-Rome. From today, these travelers will also be able to use Casa Italo, open every day from 6.20 to 21.30.

The characteristic of the Ntv Center in Turin, where there is also a reserved lounge room, it is the technological wall, a futuristic wall where architectural and technical elements, means of communication and tools of service to the public are integrated.

On the technological wall The LED writing stands out - for updates on arrivals and departures in real time - and the multifunction monitors that transmit video, offer information with interface navigation and with sophisticated radar software, are transformed into self-service ticket offices, very easy to use.

From Turin Porta Susa, Milan can be reached in just 44 minutes. The other cities connected with Turin are Bologna (where you can change for Padua is Venice), Florence, Rome, Naples and Salerno. The first of the seven Italo leaves from Turin at 6:42 am, the last at 7:42 pm. The first one arriving from Milan is at 8:10 am, the last one that stops at Porta Susa is at 21:10.

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