Strawberries on the balcony and terrace

Strawberries on the balcony and terrace

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Grow strawberries on the terrace It has great advantages because it allows you to obtain a certain amount of good fruit in a limited space. The classic harvest period is May, but there are different varieties of strawberries and if you want to have the maximum harvest, you can select high-yielding types that bear fruit from mid-summer to the end of autumn.

Like culture medium for the strawberries either a sandy or clayey peat-based compound can be used which will give good results for the first year. After the first year, it is necessary to add a fertilizer solution to the watering water every two weeks, taking care that it is organic fertilizer.

Attention: to have a abundant harvest of strawberries the following year, the plants should be planted in the hottest part of the summer, preferably July and August; if planting is postponed to autumn or late spring, the harvest will not be abundant.

Immediately after the transplanting strawberry seedlings it is always necessary to water and then the soil must always be kept moist; however, we must avoid overwatering, especially when the fruits are ripening, because doing so there is a risk that the fruits will rot.

As for the containers, for the strawberry cultivation you can use the common terracotta pots; as an economical alternative, you can use common fruit crates, lined inside with a sheet of resistant and perforated plastic to avoid stagnation of water. An economical but also beautiful solution to look at can be to use a wooden or plastic barrel, which is very pleasant due to the appearance of an old thing it will have.

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