Organic shopping in the office

Organic shopping in the office

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There biological expenditure it is done in the office; with the advantages of short supply chain (low prices) and del km zero (lower environmental impact). Return to lead by example farmers' market within the Whirlpool European Center in Comerio (VA) where this afternoon (April 18) employees will be able to shop for food directly at the factory, with the possibility of booking it online on the company website.

If you like looking for places to shop for organic food, go to the Farmers market, maybe even in your own city as they are more and more popular

On sale there is the great variety of vegetables grown on the farm's land by the agricultural company The Blueberry, in the province of Varese, with natural methods and without the use of chemical agents; cheeses, meats, jams, honey and rice come from selected local producers, but always in compliance with the quality standards of Il Mirtillo.

Whirlpool, a multinational household appliance, is not new to initiatives of this type and we have already had the opportunity to talk about it on IdeeGreen on other occasions. The farmers' market with i seasonal organic products of the territory debuted in the autumn of last year and it was the success of the initiative that made the organizers decide to repeat this year.

The objectives of the initiative are basically two: on the one hand, to support the activity of the Gulliver Center, which in the Il Mirtillo farm carries out projects for people with social integration difficulties, on the other hand promoting a culture of healthy eating, consistent with Health Works, Whirlpool's employee health and wellness program.

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