New rules on mobility arrive

New rules on mobility arrive

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In Italy the aim is to have motorists more aware. Safer and less polluting vehicles but also more difficult to tamper with. With the advent of electric bikes with limited speed, it is not difficult to think that a type of user can change the speed or power limits to obtain a more performing (but less safe!) vehicle without the need for insurance and license plates.

New rules arrive for the motorcycles and the others light vehicles, the legislative package has been definitively approved by the European Council of Ministers and affects all member countries, including Italy. The new rules aim to make the mobility safer and sustainable.

First of all, the framework directive 2002/24 / EC will be repealed and will be replaced by the new regulation. This move started from the need to harmonize the mobility of the EU globally. The entire package will become mandatory starting from January 1, 2016. The application thus "posthumously”Was designed to give the industrial sector a sufficient period of time to adapt to the new regulations. What changes will we face?

For the two-wheeled motorcycles the installation of advanced braking systems will become mandatory. This means an anti-lock braking system for medium and high performance two-wheeled motorcycles, and a combined or anti-lock braking system for low performance two-wheeled motorcycles. Other rules concern the pedal assisted bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles with and without sidecars, tricycles, quads and quadricycles, these must be equipped with automatic headlamp ignition systems. Alternatively, the presence of daytime running lights.

Not only strdale but also safety environmental: L-category vehicles (pedal assisted bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles with and without sidecars, tricycles, quads and quadricycles) will have to pass to the emissions phases Euro 4 in 2016 and Euro 5, in 2020. New ones will be introduced limits of evaporative emissions and there will be verification obligations.

To make the consumer more aware, there will be a guarantee of data access in the fact of CO2 emissions and of fuel consumption. The latest measures concern systems of vigilance and the improvement of the requirements applicable to the manufacture of vehicles. Among the various prescriptions will be introduced those against tampering which will only concern vehicles light and new.

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