Hiriko electric car

Hiriko electric car

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In this article we have already introduced you Hiriko, L'electric car folding. Today we will show you a detailed data sheet and all the necessary updates.

L'Hiriko electric car was defined the "first four-wheel electric scooter ". Leverage a electric motor for each wheel and a rear suspension capable of "shorten the car " and allow parking in very confined spaces. Production on a scale should take place in 2013, together with the entry into the market.

With Hiriko not only will the parking be accessible but also the purchase, the price is quite attractive since it is a electric city car. The market debut will take place in spring 2013.

Hiriko's news and innovations:
To save space, the car does not have a steering wheel but a control joystick, similar to that of video games.
Entry by car is allowed from a single door.
The car folds down significantly reducing the volume, going from 250 cm to just 150 cm.


Hiriko electric car. Data sheet:

  • Equipped with four steering wheels
  • The body weighs about 700 kg
  • Autonomy 120 kilometers
  • Maximum speed: 90 km / h
  • Possibility to limit the speed to 50 km / h for moving around city centers
  • Length in city car mode: 250 cm
  • Length in parking mode: 150 cm
  • Estimated price around: 12,500 euros
  • Doors: no thanks! You enter the car by directly lifting the front door (windscreen)
  • Steering wheel: no thanks! A joystick will allow you to control the car
  • Two seats


Who designed Hiriko? The small one electric city car it does not have a single mother country, the project comes from Spain, but also from the States: it sees the collaboration of the university of the research center of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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