Start again with the Dance of the 5 Rhythms

Finding new rhythms, experimenting with new modes of movement. Starting with your body. Maybe that's what it takes to start the new year well. If the idea interests you, consider the Dance of the 5 Rhythms, a dance to rediscover emotions to the rhythm of music in which you move with every part of the body, following your own feelings, suitable for everyone without any physical or age limit.

There Dance of the 5 Rhythms was conceived by the American artist, dancer and musician Gabrielle Roth - who died last October - and now arrives in Italy with a full calendar of weekly courses and work-shops in Milan and in many other cities.

In Dance of the 5 Rhythms you can move freely within the general scheme provided by the teacher. The name of the dance derives from the rhythms of the different music - flowing, staccato, chaos, lyric and silence - which correspond to as many modes of movement and which evoke the different phases of human life (birth / flow, growth / staccato, adolescence / chaos, maturity / lyric, death / silence).

Course teacher in Italy starting from 13 January is Prateeksha Katarina Thundal, a certified instructor of Dance of the 5 Rhythms who studied with Gabrielle Roth in the United States and who decided to move to Italy to make this dance known also in our country, after having lived and worked for many years in Stockholm and Switzerland. I think there is a great possibility for the development of this dance in Italy - he said - where there are no certified trainers and regular courses. In the past there have been several workshops and the positive response of the participants encouraged me to move to Italy, a country I love very much “.

The rhythms of the Dance of the 5 Rhythms are related to natural elements (earth, fire, water, air, ether) and are related to our appearance and behavior. "The 5 Rhythms teach us that life is energy in motion, freeing us from rigid concepts about people, places, objects or opinions"he said Gabrielle Roth in the introduction to his courses in Los Angeles and New York. "Through the Dance of the 5 Rhythms it is possible to rediscover our essential qualities and appreciate their diversity and strength, taking the opportunity to increase one's awareness of who we are and how great our potential is".

Video: 5Rhythms of Dance -Gabrielle Roth (January 2022).