A hope for the coral reefs

In Australia, a team of scientists, conducting a mapping of the Great Barrier Reef, has managed to discover corals at an unthinkable depth. The corals observed are found at a depth of 125 meters near the Torres Strait.

Lovers and scholars of marine ecosystems will know very well that previously, the presence of coral reefs it was only observed at depths of 70 meters. Ove Hoegh Guldberg, scientific head of the project at the University of Survey Seaview Queensland, said that this new discovery could open new horizons in the field of protection of the sea.


The new discovery could shed more light on the reproduction systems of the barrier Reef. “The interesting thing was to observe photosynthetic symbionts that could, presumably, collect light energy ", a sensational observation if you consider that we are 125 meters deep!

THE corals observed in deep waters are undoubtedly more resistant than those present on the surface. The Australian team is trying to understand how theacidification of the oceans and the global warming has affected the life of coral reefs present at these depths. This could be a new adaptation of the species.

The observation was made through a underwater robot. Hoegh-Guldberg said his team was particularly fortunate to make this observation: the weather conditions were unusually calm, there were no currents so exploration was possible. Usually in this area, excessively large waves prevent boats from stopping, therefore these are places still unnoticed.

There barrier Reef is in danger. The biggest threats are:

  • invasive fishing
  • global warming
  • deforestation
  • the atmospheric carbon that slowly makes its way into the oceans
  • pollutants
  • irresponsible tourism


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