Solar-powered helicopters

Solar-powered helicopters

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Overcoming the force of gravity and flying, lifting off the ground and floating in the sky, this is the challenge that fascinates many men. There are those who dream of flying wearing a jetpack and those who do it by building a solar powered vehicle.

THE solar powered air vehicles seem to be the last frontier of the transport industry and the dream in the drawer of young designers. The latest prototype comes from England where a team of seven students from Queen Mary University of London designed and built a "solar-copter ", a helicopter a solar power.

The British prototype was designed to fly unmanned. It's a solar powered helicopter and it is the first "multicopter " in the world to be powered by photovoltaic panels. “Multicopter” is a term used to describe a helicopter that has multiple rotors. The propellers are placed on each of the edges, the photovoltaic unit has a square shape so there are four propellers.

For now the design is unappetizing, the students have worked on an ancestral prototype, the next step will be to develop a more captivating look. Students will fly theirs solar-copter on the occasion of the Industrial Liaison Forum, to be held in London on March 6th.

The solar-copter of London students is not the first example of a solar helicopter. In 2011, the German Thomas Senkel took to the air with a "multicopter " consisting of 16 propellers. L'solar powered helicopter tested by Thomas Senkel was piloted with a joystick. The propellers were able to lift the pilot and the structure itself and in addition balanced the aerial device along three axes.

Video: Solar Powered Blimp Drone Prototype (May 2022).


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