Energy saving

Energy: savings at home, waste at the office

Energy: savings at home, waste at the office

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Savings at home, wasteful at the office. The virtuous compartments that save on energy bill and helping the environment seem like a custom in the home, much less if someone else pays the bill, even if it is the one who gives us (yet for the moment at least) a salary.

To reveal it is the research entitled Telework for the Earth made online by the company uSamp on behalf of the company TeamViewer, manufacturer of software for remote control and online meetings. It is true that we are talking about the United States (the research involved 500 American employees over the age of 18), but who puts his hand on fire to say that it is different from us?

Given the client's activity, the purpose of the research was to evaluate L'impact of working from home on the environment, highlighting the favorable aspects if possible. An approach that does not deprive the collected data, which proved to be rich in even curious food for thought.

For example, it has emerged with great evidence that the vast majority of Americans declare that they adopt at home, but not in the workplace, the necessary measures, also and sometimes only accessories for the environmental sustainability, the recycling and the conservation of available resources.

Simple behaviors, which most of the time do not involve effort and depend only on common sense. For example, turning off the lights when you are not inside a room (74% of respondents do it at home, in the office in your opinion?) Or preparing lunch by yourself (60%), turning down heating and air conditioning ( 56% at home, and in the office ???), print in minimal quantities (53%, in the office we don't talk about it ...), turn off the computer at night (50%), recycle (39%), prefer tap water to that in the bottle (34%).

According to the survey, working from home also translates into one consumption reduction of the planet's resources, a consequence of daily more virtuous behaviors. Most Americans report using less printer paper, less electricity, fewer highlighters and fewer pencils; even shower water is consumed overall less, and the consumption of painkillers decreases.

Research data Telework for the Earth show that employees save money (and not a little) by working from home. 42% say they save between $ 1 and $ 20, 38% between $ 21 and $ 40, 19% over $ 40, and a further 6% say they save more than $ 80 a day.

But how much do environmental concerns affect the chief's decision on whether or not to allow the telework? The numbers are surprising: 42% of respondents say that interest in the planet weighs heavily or very heavily in choosing the boss, while 62% declare that it weighs quite a lot. Could it be the beginning of something new?

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