Differentiated: WEEEparking arrives

Differentiated: WEEEparking arrives

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The WEEEparking is a large-sized automated intelligent bin (7 by 2.5 meters) that allows the correct delivery of small appliances, televisions, monitors and batteries (objects belonging to the WEEE, Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment). The device was designed under the supervision of Ecolight, a consortium that not surprisingly deals with the management of WEEE (but also batteries and end-of-life accumulators) and is equipped with a waste traceability system.

In WEEEparking small appliances, televisions, monitors, vacuum cleaners, neon and energy-saving light bulbs can be given, as well as portable batteries and batteries. Access is done using your own health card or the Hera card of the ecological stations. Once registered, the citizen selects the type of refusal to grant; the bin automatically opens the door where you can throw away your WEEE.

All right, but where is it? TheWEEEparking is a large dumpster (7 by 2.5 meters) positioned for now near the MediaWorld of the Meraville shopping park in Bologna (then it will be moved to the Leroy Merlin store). In the coming months (consider that at the time of writing it is the end of May 2013) we plan to involve other large-scale retailers in Emilia Romagna.

The positioning of the WEEEparking is part of the Identis WEEE European project promoted by the multiutility Hera (which deals with waste collection and disposal), the Ecolight consortium and the Spanish Ecolum foundation, which provides for the launch of the experimentation for the collection of small electronic waste smart bins in shopping centers.

And how does it work? To the WEEEparking it is accessed with the health card (or with the Hera card of the ecological stations). Once registered, the citizen selects the type of waste to be conferred and the bin automatically opens the door where they can throw their own WEEE. Benefits will be granted to citizens who dispose of more waste, including purchase vouchers to be spent in major supermarkets and hypermarkets.


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