How to build a rustic table

How to build a rustic table

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Furnishing the outside with plastic tables and chairs certainly does not give a particular look to the garden. We can use wooden furniture but it would cost a lot more. Then we can think of making something more aesthetically valid with our hands. Build a rustic table it does not require special skills and will surely give our garden a better look!
THE rustic tables they normally have seats integrated into the structure; both the benches, the table and the gazebo can be considered a single piece. In this regard we will illustrate you how to build a rustic table with benches and integrated gazebo, following our step by step instructions.

Rustic table, what you need

  • Spruce planks
  • Shingles
  • Screws and bolts
  • Waterproof sheet
  • Wood screws
  • Drill
  • Concrete for the base

Useful information: for the length of the table and therefore of the boards, it is advisable that you decide on the number of seats

Rustic table, procedure

  1. Join the boards to form the shelves of the seats and the table and screw them to other boards perpendicularly that will act as load-bearing elements: three are enough, one in the center and the other two at the ends. For the length, adjust according to the width of the table top.
  2. Then proceed with the support sides which in this particular type of table has the shape of "W". Precisely determine the distance between the seats and the table top and drill holes
  3. Lock the boards with screws and bolts
  4. Dig a hole of about 50 cm at each corner and embed the four uprights that are intended to support the tarpaulin
  5. Secure to the ground with a concrete cast, giving them an outward inclination of about 10 degrees
  6. Fix the boards to be used for backrests on the uprights
  7. Place the “W” shaped structure between the uprights and connect the seats with the uprights.
  8. Finish with a frame made of slats that will support and keep the cover stretched.
  9. To finish the structure, sand by smoothing the edges of the table and benches well and then apply an ecological protective paint

Rustic table, useful information

  • The feet of the table cross with those of the seats on either side.
  • The whole structure is held by the four uprights which are located at the four corners and which support the roof.
  • There are only a few planks that need to be cut to size with extreme precision.

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