Evergreen trees: what are they

Evergreen trees: what are they

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Their leaves do not fall and that is why they are called evergreen trees. They are green even in winter, this is their "beauty", because they are perfect for keeping your garden or even your balcony alive and welcoming during the season when temperatures and bad weather make life impossible for many other plants.

It's not that evergreen trees never lose their leaves, theconstantly renew and not all at once, so we hardly notice it, there is a continuous replacement, a bit like those jobs that are 24 hours a day in which several employees work shifts. Even the leaves of our evergreens take turns to fall, guaranteeing us a green foliage 12 months out of 12. It must also be said that, due to their characteristics, the leaves can remain functional on the plant for several years, for a different number depending on the species, but in any case they are renewed over time.

Evergreen garden trees

Let's take the yew, both because it fits perfectly in the garden, and because it is in fact the most illustrious representative of the many varieties of conifers used as evergreen garden trees. It is a large plant, its dimensions are XXL for the category but its majestic and imposing posture is also impressive. There are specimens of Taxi which reach even 20 meters in height, in general they are all over 10 meters at a certain age, a lot also depends on how we keep them alive.

The leaves of this evergreen they are as often happens small and with an elongated shape but are able to form a thick and leafy crown. It is not at all difficult to cultivate a Rate, it should not even be irrigated because it gets along with rainwater, it is necessary to keep up with it a little in the period immediately following the planting. In general, it prefers sunny areas and, once it has stabilized in the ground, it does not fear heat or cold.

Beautiful, majestic and independent but also insidious. The red berries produced by this tree are extremely toxic to humans and also to some animals.

Aromatic evergreen trees

By definition, or almost, the Eucalyptus it is one of the best known aromatic evergreen trees. It lives well outdoors, in large spaces and where a temperate climate reigns. It even reaches 30 meters in height but only if it is planted in well-drained and very spacious soil. Trunk of the Eucalyptus it is massive and covered by a smooth court with a characteristic grayish color while the leaves have a color ranging from green to blue and an oval shape, similar to that of a heart. This tree does not require much particular care except during the fertilization phase and during the first year of life.

Once the plant has taken root in the soil and developed its own root system, we won't have to worry. In addition to being a wonderful ornamental tree, eucalyptus also has truly remarkable beneficial properties, as anyone who often takesFlu with cough.

Evergreen trees: list

Make a list of all evergreen garden trees it is a good undertaking, it would also be to read it, I would say, given the many plants considered in this way. However, we cannot fail to mention all the varieties of conifers, from pines with their many types to firs. They are all perennial trees, which color parks and green spaces with really intense shades and scents.

Usually these are species that are not too pretentious, want a good exposure to sunlight but never direct, which is why conifers are often planted in semi-shaded areas even under the foliage of other plants. In general the evergreen trees are common trees which we find mainly in geographical areas where humid tropical climates or cold climates reign. There are many evergreen trees also typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

Here are some of them: the olive tree Olea europaea (present in much of Italy), the cork oak Quercus suber, the holm oak Quercus ilex, the myrtle Myrtus communis, the laurel Laurus nobilis, the strawberry tree Arbutus unedo, the carob Ceratonia siliqua, the heather Calluna vulgaris, the heather Erica carnea, etc ...

Evergreen balcony trees

Also for the garden, but in the city it is a balcony, the olive tree. I myself have had two for years and years on the balcony of my house and they have even managed to produce their own olives. The olive tree is an evergreen tree perfect for growing in Italy with its characteristic woody trunk of light brown tending to gray, full of "scary" knots. The olive leaves are silver green, the courts tends to gray and is also scented.

When it produces flowers, the olive tree gives us small white flowers which are then transformed into precious fruits. If we keep an olive tree on the balcony we must be very careful to reserve a lot of space for it to grow even in width, in winter it is better to cover it with a cloth, in summer it gets along very well by itself, with lots of water and a light organic fertilization.

Evergreen shade trees

Refined, elegant and green, the Magnolia it's aevergreen garden treedino which creates a lot of shadow so that it cannot be placed at random. In spring it offers breathtaking blooms, its foliage is very compact and made up of fleshy, dark green leaves. In addition to the flowers it also produces the unmistakable pine cone fruits full of seeds, bright red in color.

Evergreen fruit trees

Among the evergreen fruit trees I chose the Juniper because of its famous berries rich in beneficial natural principles. There are herbal teas, grappas and infusions Juniper, all produced with the berries of this rustic plant that adapts to any climate and terrain, both in the mountains and at the sea. We even find it in Bonsai format and it actually is very decorative and choreographic. The only thing to remember is not to expose the plant to sub-zero temperatures when it is still young

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