Labrador training

Labrador training

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L'Labrador training it is not a joke at all precisely because this breed likes to joke and play so much. Being taken seriously by one of these dogs is a real challenge, I can assure you after more than a year of living with one cream-colored Labrador dog named Honey.

Perhaps it would be better to say honey-colored, in fact, but ban on shades, the training of the Labrador is an adventure that I would never have imagined myself experiencing. It is exhausting but also very enriching, it strengthens and teaches many things. Thing? To deal with types of people who, just like my Honey, have only the game in mind, the hugs, the baby food, the sun that sets and then rises again as if it were all predictable and beautiful.

Without a doubt a Labrador puts you in a good mood if you do not find yourself having to deal with it in everyday life, in the practical aspects in which you cannot always play and lick and be licked and jump enthusiastically. But according to the Labrador yes, it is ALWAYS the time to wag your tail happy and not give a damn about the rest even if the rest is a hedge he just uprooted or a cake he stole from the pantry by biting the package to exhaustion. Other than going to the gym, if you want to lose weight and get back in shape I recommend a session Labrador training.

Training the Labrador for defense

They are intelligent, happy and full of energy dogs, which is why they are animals that they should not be left too alone. They need a lot of attention and opportunities to let off steam, woe betide them if they get bored, they can even break up your house. Other than defending it.

In fact, beyond the jokes, i Labradors are not purely defense dogs also that emerge as excellent in many circumstances. Fishermen have often used them to retrieve fishing nets and fish but they are excellent "workers" and lend themselves to many other jobs except defense. They are search and rescue dogs, investigation dogs, good at detecting drugs or when engaged in escort services for the blind.

More than being interested in defending the house, or the family that hosts them, they are attentive to the time of the walk that they are waiting for with all the anxiety of a 2-year-old child. L'Labrador training it must therefore include long walks and lots of games, excursions at least twice a day and frequent physical activity.

This keeps them tired and avoids digging holes in the garden or uprooting hedges and trees. Yes, I was under the illusion that my Honey was tired after an hour at the Park and instead, upon returning, she thought it best to uproot a young cherry tree ... which has unfortunately never seen its spring 2018 again. Of course, theLabrador, He was playing

Labrador training: puppies

Maybe I didn't start on the right foot to apply the rules of Labrador training, for me it is too late but you try it. It is necessary to be precise and direct, not to scold the Labrador but to give simple and always the same commands. With puppies, and teenagers, it is essential to be timely and constant, hammering so that the prohibitions and orders enter the head of a Young Labrador who just thinks about playing. It is better to remember that scolding a Labrador when too much time has passed since an accident is not useful, at that point it is better to keep quiet and save energy for the following scolding that will come soon.

With puppies, it is easy to soften even more than the standard, so it is important that not only us owners but also the rest of the family are aligned and know what it means to be Labrador training. This does not mean, however, that the dog can be hit or treated badly, he is an incurable playful that sometimes gets on his nerves but this He does NOT authorize us to hit or mistreat him. Moreover, little would be done because this dog does not learn except with a rewarding logic. Better therefore to equip yourself with greedy prizes and patience, appealing to the Labrador's appetite which is almost always hungry.

Labrador training: manual

Among the many guides for dog owners I recommend “My labrador. How to choose the puppy, educate it and understand it to have an ideal friend ". Written by Alexa Capra and Daniele Robotti, this volume is interesting because it explains a lot about the dog we have to educate by showing us where it comes from and why it is so naive. It is a precious one guide where to find answers to the thousand questions of those who want to live with this dog and do not know if they will be able to train him properly.

Labrador training: leash

To prevent a Labrador on a leash try to jump on passers-by it is good to employ distraction techniques because pulling is useless and even less scolding him. I recommend that you contact an expert who can give us ad hoc advice also seeing how our dog responds to the stimuli of other dogs met on the street.

In any case, it is absolutely necessary to avoiduse of the electric collar which is an accessory of dubious utility. There is no need to use it for a Labrador dog that can understand with proper training strategy, with no other gadgets that could take him away from us and make him less joyful.

Labrador training: book

It is not a guide but a book to be read and enjoyed as a story. You can find it on Amazon, entitled "My friend" and is a collection of "Life lessons from a black labrador". Anna Quindlen, the author, did a great job in my opinion by telling a lot about this breed in a fun, original and at the same time not so imaginative way, the daily life with a Labrador.

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