How to take a pregnancy test

How to take a pregnancy test

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Instructions onhow to take a pregnancy testand when to do it to find out if you are pregnant. The best tests with reliable results.

Take a pregnancy testit can always be a moment of anxiety, both for the woman who hopes for a positive outcome, and for the woman who might come across aunwanted pregnancy. To help you in this moment ofcritical issues, we will give you advice onhow to do the pregnancy test correctly.

Pregnancy test

There are several types of pregnancy tests, probably if you typed in googlehow to do pregnancy test orwhen to take the pregnancy testyou probably want to use one of those tests found at the pharmacy.

Know that theurinary testit is not the only way to know if you are pregnant. The beta HCG dosage can be performed with a venous sampling. Recently, an instrument that performs a diagnosis on blood has spread in the home, but in this case, theDIY pregnancy test it is more cumbersome.

Pregnancy test: when to do it

If you have decided to do thepregnancy test with blood sampling you can do it already after 7-10 days from the alleged conception.

Pregnancy tests -urine or blood sampling- are based on the identification of thehuman chorionic gonadotropin, Beta HCG. This hormone is produced by the woman only when the first sketch of the placenta (trophoblast) is formed. The formation of the first sketch of the placenta occurs 6-7 days after conception.

The hormone passes into the blood already after 7-10 days following conception, so it is detectable 24 hours after the formation of the trophoblast.

When to take a pregnancy test?
To be on the safe side, I recommend that you wait 10 days after conception in case of a blood test.

The times to have a certain result change if it is the kit you find in the pharmacy. The same hormone must then be disposed of in the urine in such concentrations as to be detected by the urine test. The pregnancy test sticks allow you to detect the state of pregnancy after 12-14 days from the presumed date of conception, or from the first day of delay in menstruation.

The tests that are more sensitive to the hormone allow you to understand if you are pregnant already 5 days before the date of arrival of your period, so you will not have to wait for the delay.

It is important to understand wellwhen to do it. If you take the pregnancy test too soon you risk afalse negativeor adoubtful result.

How to take a pregnancy test

The urine test is easy to do: just wet the detector with urine and wait for the result. The blood self-test is slightly more complex.

Which pregnancy test to choose

Which pregnancy test to buy? If you have been trying to conceive a baby for a long time, someone will have advised you to buy a blood self-test. Of course, this allows you to be able to understand if you are pregnant a couple of days before the urine test ... But are you really so hasty? I advise you to reflect on how fast you are. In these cases, inner serenity plays a crucial role: I know they have told you a thousand times, but often the psychological form can greatly affect the functioning of our body.

Among the various pregnancy tests, for ease of use, I suggest purchasing the Clearblue Test because it is very sensitive to the Beta HCG hormone. Among those on the market, it can detect a pregnancy even 5 days before the arrival of the menstrual cycle.

This is a digital test, so the result will be “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” followed by a number indicatinghow many weeks have you conceived.

Clearblue tests without digital display do not indicate weeks but are cheaper. They are however easy to read, as in case ofpositive pregnancy testa cross + appears. Where to buy it? In the pharmacy but if you are also embarrassed online, on Amazon you will receive it in an anonymous package.

How much? The most advanced model (which tells you how many weeks you've been pregnant) can be bought with 9.86 euros (free shipping) and two tests come out in the package. For all information: Clarblue, pack of 2 tests.

Pregnancy test with blood work

Personally, I recommend testing withsanguine self-diagnosisonly to women in critical conditions (in case of a history of polyabortivity or thrombophilia). In these cases, knowing the pregnancy status in advance can allow specific therapies to be performed early.

The pregnancy test with self-diagnosis of blood is also recommended for those who follow radiological therapies or must undergo other tests that can put the alleged pregnancy itself at risk.

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