Best orthopedic mattress

Best orthopedic mattress

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Sleep well it is a fundamental condition to be able to face every single day at best.

Over the past few years there have been many theories and opinions on what could be the best orthopedic mattresses that guaranteed a good rest, but have you ever wondered how to make the best choice for yourself?

For many years the equation of a hard and hard mattress was worth orthopedic mattress although it is essential to emphasize that no professional medical order has ever certified the orthopedic health of these mattresses.

Recent studies have in fact shown that sleeping on surfaces that are too rigid can cause discomfort on the main pressure points such as shoulders, elbows and hips.
The best solution to have a good orthopedic mattress is to bet on one ergonomic, that is a mattress capable of adapting to the shapes of your body.

Best orthopedic mattress in relation to weight

The weight it is a component that you must absolutely take into account when you go to choose yours orthopedic mattress.

If you find yourself in an overweight situation, it is advisable to evaluate the hypothesis of buying a mattress with a thickness above the average, about 26/28 cm, this is because it will avoid that excess weight leads to a smaller thickness between the body. and the slatted base due to deformation of the mattress.

Best orthopedic mattress in relation to age

It makes sense to ask oneself on the basis ofage which is the best orthopedic mattress to choose? Absolutely yes! Even if the question comes back to what was discussed above, that is the weight.
In the first few years of life, your child will make two very quick passes, namely the cradle and immediately after the bed.
The advice in both stages is to buy very low pillows.
Subsequently, when your child is about 5 years old, you will surely have to start thinking about what type of mattress to buy from the moment it will accompany him in his growth phase. It is important to emphasize that the child between the ages of 5 and 11 will have a low weight that will not stress the mattress like an adult subject therefore a softer mattress.

Should you decide to purchase a orthopedic mattress that accompanies the entire growth phase of your child until adolescence, the advice is to turn to a mattress at least 18 cm high possibly breathable and hypoallergenic.

Best orthopedic mattress in relation to the position

When shopping for an orthopedic mattress it is important to consider the position you hold during your sleep.

For those who sleep flat on their back (editor's note: best position for your well-being) a a slightly firmer mattress it could be an excellent solution since it would ensure proper support for the spine.

For those who have the "bad habit" of sleeping on your side it would be better to opt for a softer mattress that can adapt to the shoulder.

Best soft orthopedic mattress

You will have understood by now that not all orthopedic mattresses are the same, each one has its own covering according to the needs of each individual person.
Below are two possible choices of orthopedic mattress that can also be purchased through Amazon:

  1. Marcapiuma Rainbow
    This is a very soft orthopedic mattress ideal for anyone who finds himself with some back problems.
    Made of memory foam, this mattress is a made in Italy product guaranteed for 10 years. Read more information.
  2. Miasuite Easy
    This is an orthopedic mattress made up of a layer of memory foam and a layer of waterfoam.
    100% made in Italy, this mattress is very soft and has a height of 22 cm.
    It should be emphasized that you can also see in the reviews that some users have complained that the height was slightly lower, this type of mattress it is not recommended for overweight people.
    It is a medical health unit consequently it gives the right to a deduction.Read more information.

Best rigid orthopedic mattress

Previously you saw two possible options of soft orthopedic mattresses, now we are going to analyze two possible options of rigid orthopedic mattresses always purchasable through Amazon:

  1. Evergreenweb H21 Bonnel
    It must be said that this is not a particularly cheap orthopedic mattress because it is made of Bonnel-type steel springs which guarantee the right stiffness and effective transpiration which in summer means freshness.
    It has a layer of Waterfoam and is Oeko-tex certified on all raw materials used.Read more information.
  2. Marcapiuma Rainbow plus
    It consists of one upper layer in memory foam shaped to alveoli in such a way as to guarantee you a continuous massaging effect during sleep, a negative aspect of this orthopedic mattress is that both sides are made of the same foam, therefore in the summer it can lead to a bit of heat.
    It is a class 1 medical device so you will have the possibility of a 19% deduction.Read more information.

Best orthopedic mattress and tax deduction

You will be entitled to the tax deduction for the orthopedic mattress if and only if it is qualified as Class 1 Medical Device and has the "anti-decubitus" characteristics.

To obtain the 19% deductibility it is necessary to have one medical prescription or a 'self-certification certifying the reason why the mattress was purchased.
For ordinary mattresses, on the other hand, there remains the possibility of obtaining a benefit through the furniture and appliances bonus as required by Article 16 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 63/2013.

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