How much does an elephant weigh

It only eats grass but swallows it practically without stopping, in fact it is the largest animal on Earth but how much does an elephant weigh? So much, but how much? Let's go and give some numbers together and a snoop in the diet of this massive and at the same time meek, decidedly voracious animal. In just one day, just to give an idea, he manages to ingest about 0 20 kilograms of food a day, all vegetable because his food is strictly vegetarian.

Elephant: species

Before starting to weigh this animal, we must distinguish two cases which correspond to two species of elephants that inhabit the Earth and have very different appearances and even dimensions. I am referring to the Asian and African elephants. I state that the first is the smallest one, now let's find out how much.

How much does an Asian elephant weigh

The Asian elephant, also called Indian elephant, has a structure similar toAfrican elephant which we will later get to know but differs in size and other small characteristics. Let's start with the shape of the skull which in this species has two prominences and an internal saddle, then small ears emerge with respect to the head and a proboscis with smooth skin and a single finger-like appendage on the upper edge.

The jaw of the Asian elephant is equipped with a sort of pendulous lip and pointed that the African does not have. Let's move on to the body: the back has a convex profile and descending from the withers to the rump, the fangs are small or even absent, at times, in the females. We end with the legs, all four with clogs in the back foot. We haven't revealed the weight yet: it can range from 3,900 to 4,700 kilos. The females are slightly smaller but in general the height fluctuates around 3 meters and the length around 5 and a half meters.

How much does an African elephant weigh

The African elephant weighs more as it reaches 3.5 meters in height and 6.5 meters in length. It weighs at least 4 tons and can even reach the 8 tons, in extreme cases, it usually does not exceed 6 and the females are always more "small" than the males.

Compared to the Asian cousin there are non-trivial differences. The ears are larger and the skull has a different, flatter shape. The proboscis at its end shows two digitiform appendages and not only one and the tusks are not at all reduced in size but can even reach a meter and a half in length, in males, while in females a little less. The line of the back of these two elephants is also different, in the African it is more arched.

How much does an elephant weigh and other curiosities

We have seen how much a elephant whole but being such a large animal, you may be curious to know how much an elephant weighs, piece by piece, without obviously doing it any violence.

Let's take a fang, for example of a African specimen. She could weigh as much alone as a grown man, so about 90 pounds. And the brain? About 5 kilos, even if it seems absurd to think about it, but it is also a question of proportions.

Going back to thinking about the elephant in all its entirety, let's find out how much the largest one in the world weighs. The Guinness Book of Records, found in Angola in 1955, it weighed 12 tons. A small elephant goes without saying that it already carries considerable weight. As soon as it is born it can already reach about 100 kilos, for a height of about one meter. This is also why the gestation period is tremendously long, lasting 600 days, so just under two years.

How do you weigh an elephant

We have pitted all the data, but where does it come from? Who is physically put to weigh an elephant? We accept suggestions on how to do it, space for imagination but also by applying some physical principles and a bit of cunning. In fact, there are those who have proposed an interesting solution: put the elephant on a boat and take into account how much it sinks. Then bring it down by loading the boat with a series of bags of stones until the boat sinks the same size. By weighing the bags of stones, the weight of the elephant can be deduced without having to build a scale to support it.

What does an elephant eat

Given the weight achieved, let's take a closer look at what diet a elephant. We have already stated that it is a herbivorous animal and that it ingests about 200 kg of food per day, which means that they are able to deprive entire areas of vegetation. To digest it all they need to drink around 130 liters of water.

In captivity, elephants usually eat cabbage, lettuce, apples and bananas, various vegetables and hay, occasionally acacia leaves while when in freedom it fills up with leaves of trees, grass, flowers and fruit but also of branches and shrubs or bamboo.

To feed when it is free, the elephant must use its own trunk which is not only used to drink but also to take the leaves and fruits of the highest branches of the trees, as if it were a hand. If they are too high, this greedy animal does not pose any problem and does not give up: it shakes the trees until they fall.

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