Anti-Cancer Foods: What You Should Know

Anti-cancer foods: a list of tips and foods to introduce into the anti-cancer diet. Useful information for prevention and factors not to be underestimated.

The first general rule: read the food label carefully and try to get to know everything you eat, including food additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Origins matter

It is difficult to talk aboutanticancer foodsbecause it is a complex subject. The complexity is not given by the wide variety of foods we have available, but by the variables that accompany them.

Each food can have different origins, be grown or processed in a different way, it may have undergone an inadequate production chain ... In short, there are so many variables and it is difficult to control them all. Only a very careful choice of raw materials can make the difference.

A trivial example?
Grapes, blueberries but also olive oil itself can be considered rich in antioxidants. Vegetables, our perennial ally, can be an excellent food in one anti-cancer diet. Yes, but if these foods come from polluted soils, this choice will not only have been in vain but will also have worsened our health condition.

Soil pollution plays an important role in the cultivation of food. Before talking aboutanticancer foods know that what makes the difference is the cultivation and processing of the raw material. In short, if you know the supplier / producer, you know the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin and the basic agri-food techniques used ... you are halfway there!

Cancer prevention

After this necessary premise, there is another factor not to be overlooked. Thereanti-cancer dietor in any case the use of anticancer foods have no "magical effect". Yes, they can be a good foundation forpreventionand forsupport a healthy lifestyle, but they cannot in any way represent a solution or cure. If yoursdietis rich in anti-cancer foods, you should still undergo various preventive screenings and consult your GP to identify any risk factors.

Based on gender and age, your local ASL will be able to offer you a screening program in order to carry out an adequatetumor prevention. Family history matters a lot. If there have been cases of cancer in your family (benign or malignant) it is good to consult with your doctor to understand how to proceed.

Organic and non-GMO foods

The foods to be preferred are those obtained from farms or from organic farming. It is clear that organic foods are preferred, preferably grown in your own garden or by a trusted farmer!

If you buy non-organic vegetables, wash them well under running water. Water is enough to eliminate pesticide residues. If you really want to be thorough, add half a teaspoon of baking soda or a tablespoon of vinegar to the water.

GMO foods should be avoided and here it becomes more difficult. In Europe, the current directive does not allow the cultivation of GMO seeds but does not prohibit their import. Avoid morning cereals to prefer local oats or whole grain fiber. Also avoid meats obtained from intensive farms fed with GMO feed.

Among the other tips that should constitute the ABC of your life: drink lots of water. Drinking water on an empty stomach can help the body a lot. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle that predisposes you to various diseases. Stress is also to be kept away.

Antitumor foods

Anthocyanins, vitamin E and antioxidants in general ... these are all substances that can help your body. Foods rich infood additives,excessively processed and junk food in general should be eliminated or used sparingly.

A anti-cancer diet it is balanced, balanced and able to satisfy its nutritional needs from every point of view. To develop such a diet, consult a good nutritionist.

Some tumors see a hormonal correlation (such as that of the breast, ovary, prostate, colon ...), as well as being careful about what you eat and preferanticancer foods, also avoids indoor pollution and therefore detergents and chemicals that release volatile substances into the home that can impact the endocrine system.

It is clear that a high consumption of fruit and vegetables can provide carotenes, flavonoids, fibers and nutrients that support the body's functions. Do not put fats on the pillory: "healthy" fats rich in omega 3, can support your body without altering its physiological functions.

Red meat, cured meats, dairy products and dairy products should be used occasionally.

Mediterranean diet and anti-cancer foods

If you find a list of anticancer foods, know that this must be taken with tweezers. The paradox of those looking for oneanti-cancer diethere in Italy it is that ... our traditional diet is among the best in the world even when it comes to cancer prevention and prevention of other diseases affecting the cardiovascular system. Let's talk about theMediterranean diet.

A'Healthy eating and balanced can be found in the model ofMediterranean diet. This eating style promotes the use of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, legumes, vegetables and fish. The consumption of meat is allowed within certain limits but in any case, the diet does not focus on the consumption of processed products.

It is the excesses that damage health and ianticancer foodsthey can help you but they are not a panacea. Having acknowledged, alas, that a lot is also linked to genetic predisposition, habits (smoking, sedentary life ...) and environmental factors (air pollution, domestic pollution ...) which are more difficult to control. That's why we have advised you several times to talk to your doctor and perform the most appropriate screenings for your gender and age.

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