Oatshoes, biodegradable shoes

I'm not alone biodegradable but also green in the strictest sense of the word: once their life cycle is over, the shoe sprouts and will give life to a real plant! There sustainability is becoming a fashion and shoes oatshoes they are yet another example. The green shoes that stand out the most are sneakers with a sporty and impactful design.

Timberland, the sustainable brand par excellence, in one of its old advertising campaigns encouraged the adoption of a lifestyle ecofiendly stating that the first step is done with the feet! The same could be said for the Oatshoes. Oatshoes is a Dutch company that wants to promote the environment protection through a more conscious consumption.

The materials used for the production of Oatshoes shoes are a low environmental impact. These are cork, hemp, organic cotton and other materials in biodegradable plastic. The peculiarity that characterizes these shoes is the presence of small seeds. The seeds are housed in the upper tongue of the shoe and, once the footwear has finished its life cycle, they will be ready to germinate. The sprouting process will only take place when the shoes have started the composting process and are placed in the soil.

The shoe has rather short decomposition times, in fact hemp and cotton degrade within a couple of months. There ecological plastic it will biodegrade in about six months. Don't be scared by waiting times, you will have to wait a lot less to see your seedling germinate! The tab is the most "delicate”Of the shoe, therefore, in ideal conditions and following the instructions, you will soon see a flowery bouquet appear!

The Oatshoes shoes they can be purchased in various shops in the Netherlands and Belgium, we Italians have to settle for online sales and buy them at a price of around 139 euros, a bit expensive for a bouquet of flowers but adequate when you consider everything else!

Video: OAT Shoes: Bloom Amsterdam (January 2022).