Netatmo, review and installation of the thermostat

Netatmo, review and installation of the thermostat

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Netatmo: review, price, user opinions and all the instructions for installing the thermostat Netatmo and comparison with the Nest thermostat.

Netatmoit's greatwifi thermostat, stands as an alternative to the more nobleNestand on this page we will give you all the information on the price, theinstallation, opinions taken from user forums and oursreviewof the appliance.

What is it forNetatmo?
Like anywifi thermostat, Netatmoallows you to control the heating system remotely using a smartphone, tablet or notebook. Like any chronothermostat, Netatmo allows you to adjust the domestic temperature according to a predetermined schedule, following a weekly or monthly calendar.

Netatmo offers many more facilities such as theenergy saving balance, the Auto-Adapt function and other goodies that allow you to better manage your heating system.Netatmoit can be associated with most fuel boilers, gas or wood boilers.

Netatmo - installation

The installation manual of theNetatmoit is very clear and complete, as is the purchase package that comes with various accessories:

  • Thermostat
  • Mobile support
  • Relay
  • Boiler adapter
  • power supply
  • Mounting plate
  • USB cable
  • 5 colored stickers
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Fixing screws with dowel

The manual ofNetatmo installationprovides three different guides:

  • an installation guide that sees the replacement of an old thermostat
  • a Netatmo installation guide to replace a pre-existing wi-fi thermostat
  • a guide to installing Netatmo as the first thermostat.

The most complex case is that which sees Netatmo as the first thermostat used in the home: in this case it will be necessary to perform operations directly on the boiler. The easiest case is the installation of Netatmo to replace another wifi thermostat. The most common case, the one we will see, is the installation of the Netatmo thermostat in place of an existing thermostat or chronothermostat.

How to install Netatmo?

It is much easier to do than to say!

  1. Remove the old thermostat and backplate. For fixing theNetatmoyou will need to drill new holes in the wall so you will need a drill. The support plate of theNetatmoit is larger than that of most thermostats. If your thermostat model is large enough, you may even be lucky and be able to recycle the pre-existing holes.
  2. Place the cover on theNetatmoto the wall and to the center fix the wall support of the thermostat. From the support, pass the two control wires that you are going to attach in place of those of the old thermostat.
  3. Connect the relay (supplied in the purchase box of theNetatmo) to the home electrical network (in a power outlet!) and launch the applicationNetAtmo Thermostatavailable for iPhone OS, Android OS and WindowsPhone.

Activate bluetooth and follow the relay configuration wizard. The NetAtmo Thermostat app will start with a short quiz asking you about your domestic habits: what time do you get up, what time do you go home .... with a few simple questions, the App will create basic programming for you.

This schedule can be changed at any time, even if you are thousands of kilometers away from home!

Netatmo or Nest?

You are undecided between purchasing theNest wifi thermostatand theNetatmo? In fact, these two devices are very different from each other even if they essentially perform the same functions.

From a functional point of view, the Netatmo and the Nest they perform the same duties. Probably the Netatmo is more practical although the Nest has some advantages. Let's see together what are the strengths and weaknesses of these twowifi thermostats.

I know that tastes are subjective but ... the Nest has a more attractive design and the display is of a much higher quality than theNetatmo.

The display of theNetatmoit exploits e-ink technology, so to speak, the one used by e-book readers. The e-ink technology is very economical (in fact the AAA batteries will last a long time) but on the other hand it cannot offer a backlit display with noteworthy contrasts and response times are also a bit slow. After starting a command, you will have to wait a second to see the updated screen ... the response is not immediate as it is on the Nest. The Nest among its drawbacks is the price (above 200 euros) and installation. If the installation and configuration of Netatmo are immediate, to install the Nest we will have to work a little harder! For all the information I invite you to read the Nest review on the page:Nest thermostat, price and review.

Netatmo, price and opinions

The opinions of users who have already purchased theNetatmothey are all positive. Of course, those who have already used other touchscreen programmable thermostats could have something to say about e-ink technology with some perplexity about parameters such as display graphics, response times and lighting but those who are preparing for the first time to try awifi thermostatwill undoubtedly be satisfied.

It is necessary to specify that the quality is related to the purchase price of theNetatmowhich is around 145 euros, as stated, the Nest itself costs around 225 euros and is much more difficult to install. To purchase, please refer to the official Amazon page: Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphones.

A note on theNetatmolies in the external profile that according to the furniture can be chosen from five different colors directly at the time of installation (these are adhesive masks but undoubtedly nice).

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