Solar powered lamps

Solar powered lamps

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Did you know that thelighting isn't it good for everyone? Worldwide, more than 1.4 billion people do not have access to electricity, most of which reside in Africa and India. For us it is automatic, we go home in the afternoon and turn the light switch to read or simply because "the air of the house is so dark " but in remote locations, how is life without enlightenment?


There are not many night schools and children who have access to education are forced into a prohibitive lifestyle. The only light bearers are old oil lanterns that harm human health, the environment and, as if that weren't enough, they don't even emit so much light! Technological innovations and renewable energies are playing a crucial role in these geographical regions, in particular thesolar power.

To tackle the problem were the researchers of Lawrence Barkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) with Evan Mills who has well thought of developing lamps low cost integrating one unit photovoltaic. That of the LBNL is a real one literacy mission, with lighting it will not only be education that will achieve concrete improvements, it will increase the safety of women and perhaps also of the streets. Businesses will be able to increase their productivity and light could reach anywhere.


The devices developed by the Lawrence Barkeley National Laboratory consist of a photovoltaic module, rechargeable batteries and an LED unit. The solar panel charges the battery which will power the LED unit.

The mission of the LBNL is not the first of its kind, other examples are given by the company Solar Bulb with its N220 lamp, practical to manage and sell to the public: for each lamp purchased, the consumer will give one to the African populations, the N220 lamp costs around 25 euros. Another similar initiative was started by two Chicago students, in this case the lamp is called LuminAID and the consumer can choose from three models that cost 10, 15 and 25 dollars respectively.

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