Recharge your mobile while walking

Recharge your mobile while walking

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They would cost just over 35 euros and would be the device capable of recharge the smartphone during a simple walk.

We have already seen Hermes, the made in Italy shoe that recharges cell phones and small mobile devices, this is the turn of the 24-year-old designer Anthony Mutua who has created a device that transforms sneakers into small power plants capable of powering his own smartphone.

The invention was presented during the Nairobi Innovation Week and consists of a sort of "crystal chip ", very subtle, a piezoelectric device that allows you to recharge your mobile phone during walks or store a small amount of energy and recharge your mobile later.

This equipment works by exploiting the pressure generated with each step. The device can be transferred from one shoe to another, it can be anchored on any type of sole except on bath slippers.

The device already has a patent and could debut on the market mass soon. Usually a lot of time passes from the first prototype to commercialization but the premises make us think differently:

apart from the presence of the patent there is already talk of an estimated price around $ 46 and 2 and a half years warranty! Not surprisingly, the National Council of Science and Technology (NCST) funded the project with an initial sum of $ 6,000 but the designer Anthony Mutua was promised additional financial help to launch this technology on the mass market.

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