10 Autumn balcony plants

10 Autumn balcony plants

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A flowered balcony, even when the summer is ending, can be a great way to keep the mood high despite the fact that the season may push us to suffer from some momentary sadness or unexpected and even violent bouts of melancholy. Here 10 autumn balcony plants with which we can cultivate our daily happiness by keeping it close at hand. They are pretty simple plants to manage so you don't need a record green thumb but just the patience and constancy to take care of them.

10 Autumn balcony plants: what they are for

The autumn balcony plants that we have chosen are an antidote to the autumn void, sometimes a void of the soul but also of the vegetation that is missing on the vases of our terraces. In fact, there are many flowers that give their best. We cannot expect the same plants that gave us satisfaction in the months of good weather and high temperatures, continue to keep us company. It is time to change and replace them with others that are used to, indeed, like the first thunderstorms that mark the end of summer, the cool autumn weather and a less strong and resistant sun.

10 Autumn balcony plants: what they are

Let's now make an overview of the plants that in autumn can make our balcony, and also our garden, a riot of colors. It is not mandatory to use all ten but we prefer to let you choose.

  1. The Cyclamen it is the first plant that comes to mind to cheer up this returning season because of its colorful flowers that can be elegant white, sweet lilac, brave purple or bright pink. There are also varieties with mottled petals that look like hand painted one by one. The heart-shaped leaves can only enhance its beauty. The cyclamen blooms from autumn to spring, depending on the variety cultivated. If well cared for, it can last up to 4 or 5 years and bloom every time.
  2. L'Heather it is another well-known flower that is able to grow and bloom in the autumn climate without suffering. The typically summer heat can damage it while the coolness encourages it to grow, especially if not planted in a too sunny position. It is a small plant, it does not go over 40 centimeters in height, but it is a bush that blooms almost entirely and creates a patch of color that is difficult to ignore. It can be its typical pink or white, perfect also for the garden and not just for balconies. It usually blooms from late autumn to the end of winter, when the temperature remains between 7 ° C and 14 ° C.
  3. THE Chrysanthemums they are plants with a pleasant shape and beautiful colors. If you manage not to connect them to the festival of the dead you can use them for your balcony with excellent results obtainable with minimal effort. We can choose from many varieties of both shapes and colors, and even sizes. From October until the end of the year, these plants will make your balcony colorful.
  4. His nickname is Zafferanone but his real name is Sternbergia. This plant is not well known but has very simple shapes and can be easily grown on the balcony even by those who are not particularly experienced. Its flower has the shape of a crocus, it is a bulbous that is also widely used for flower beds and usually blooms in yellow, creating an intense and lively color spot.
  5. The ornamental cabbage it is by no means a makeshift but a plant with full dignity and that can make its contribution when it comes to creating a thriving balcony even in a season when it is not trivial to have plants that grow luxuriantly. The ornamental cabbage gives us leaves of very creative colors, which go from yellow to pink, with shades of lilac and violets that are difficult to imagine for a traditional cabbage. It has yellow flowers in spring, but in autumn its leaves are enough and advance to make a show.
  6. The violets they are very faithful and trustworthy autumn plants because they are able to withstand even winter snowfalls. Since the climate is now whimsical, we can be on the safe side with this plant. They are perennials that grow throughout Europe and also in America, as well as in most of the tropical areas of the world, there are over 400 different species and almost all of them are small, never higher than 20 centimeters. When they bloom, they produce flowers of variegated colors and very fragrant.
  7. The win, also called Periwinkle, from Madagascar, is an evergreen plant that creates beautiful flower carpets, great for both balconies and gardens in style. It also resists low temperatures and bad weather, has shiny, shiny leaves and flowers that may have white or pink petals with a red center. The bushes can also become one meter wide but on our balcony we decide how to arrange them, they also have a strong symbolic meaning, they recall friendship and fidelity, in some cultures they are also used for weddings.
  8. THE Autumn daffodils they are by definition flowers suitable for our purpose. They are white and very easy to grow, they resist both heat and cold well, so they can remain even during the winter.
  9. Despite the unfortunate name, the Gaulteria proves to be a splendid plant that produces bushes studded with bright red berries that have an ornamental effect and also prepare us for Christmas. This plant is native to Asia, America and Oceania, its leathery leaves are dark green in September but then turn reddish, its flowers can be white, pink or lilac depending on the variety.
  10. Also there Pernezia it has berries but pink or white. The genus includes about 170 species of deciduous or evergreen shrubs, native to Central South America, there are dwarf varieties, with a height of less than 30 cm, perfect for the balcony. In late spring they produce many white flowers, in autumn the berries give color

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