Which sport burns the most calories

Which sport burns the most calories

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Which sport burns the most calories: ranking of sports that burn the most calories and fat and can make you lose weight fast. What are the most comprehensive sports and targeted goals.

Which sport burns the most calories

Those who are looking for a sport to do at home and that burn a lot of calories, should aim for skipping! Of course, the short jump is not sport that burns the most calories everbut it is certainly what it allowsburn more fatwithout tools and in a small space like a small room. If you have no space limits, you can aim for tougher sports to get back in shape e burn fat. Which sports burn the most calories? Let's see the ranking.

Ranking of the sports that burn the most calories

It is important to underline that the estimates reported refer to statistical measurements on a standard sample. Thereamount of calories you burndoing sport depends on the athlete's body weight and the intensity of training. Below are the average values ​​that can be taken as indicative reference points to understandwhat are the sports that burn more fat.

1. Martial arts

Martial arts are among thetougher sportsand complete where all the muscles of the body participate. From Kung Fu to mixed martial arts. How many calories are lost? About 1,300 calories can be burned in an hour of training.

2. Football

In football, running is essential but not only: you need to know how to kick, jump, slide ... in an hour of training you can burn more than 1,000 calories.

3. Boxing

Not only oriental martial arts, boxing also allows you to burn a lot of calories. In an hour of intense activity, about 830 calories can be burned.

4. Stroke

Running is a sport that allows full autonomy. The amount of calories that are burned, as stated, depends on the intensity of the race that is measured, not so much in km / h but in bpm, that is, considering the heart rate.

Thereranking of sports that burn the most caloriessees running in third place with about 800 calories lost per hour of training. If you are a beginner in running, you can read the article "how to start running " if you are already at an advanced physical level, you can follow the advice of the guide on long distances:Marathon, how to prepare.

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5. Squash

More than 800 calories are burned in one hour of training. It is excellent fat-burning sports, improves the elasticity of the muscles, develops reflexes and strengthens the heart.

6. Rope jump

We talked about it in the introduction: jumping rope is among thesports that burn more calories. How much it is? 680 - 700 calories lost per hour of training ... even more than tennis!

7. Freeclimbing

Those who love adventure can consider this sport. How many calories do you burn? In about 700 hours.

8. Rugby

Like freeclimbing, rugby also burns an average of 700 calories per hour. This sport requires power and strength. You need to accelerate and have good muscle mass to keep up with your opponents. It is a very complete sport.

9. Tennis

It can be considered a complete sport as it uses the lower and upper limbs. It is true that the racket can be held with one hand only, but during training, compensatory exercises are performed to better develop both limbs. More than 600 calories are burned in an hour. Did you think more? During the workouts there are moments of intense physical activity and moments of calm, perhaps to prepare the jokes…!

10. I swim

Swimming, which has always been considered one of the most complete sports (you have to move the lower and upper limbs and trunk at the same time!) Allows you to burn from 500 to 600 calories. The amount of calories increases in the case of bottom swimming and when experimenting with particular swimming styles.

with cycling you can burn 500 to 800 calories and with skiing you can burn 400 to 500 kcal.

Sport and willpower

Being followed by a mental coach could be essential both if you are a beginner and if you intend to reach high levels.

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