Psychosomatic skin diseases: what they are and natural remedies

Psychosomatic skin diseases: what they are and natural remedies

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There skin health it is not a superficial question, it is also important because often this layer of cells tells a lot about how we are, physically and psychologically. So when we notice something strange, let's not forget that there are also les psychosomatic skin diseases, related to our mental health, our well-being, our balance and the period we are going through. The fact that they are linked to our psyche should not make them second-degree diseases, to be underestimated. Indeed, it is an invitation to question ourselves about how we are living on various levels and to fix what does not make us feel right.

Psychosomatic skin diseases: what they are

In the category of psychosomatic skin diseases there are all those pathologies that can arise due to a conditioning of our mind.

They are absolutely to be considered as real diseases and to be treated with utmost seriousness because they can cause damage at an organic level. It seems impossible but the emotional factor it is as powerful, if not more powerful, than the physical one. Psychosomatic diseases affect not only the skin but also other organs and systems. A classic example are diseases of emotional origin that affect the gastrointestinal system, but can also range from cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal diseases.

Psychosomatic skin diseases: what they are

Let's go and see in practice what they are illnesses which affect the skin and which have a psychosomatic origin and what symptoms they have. There are various types, we will go and see the most frequent ones. The skin can unmask what we are feeling in different ways, with redness, paleness, goosebumps, sweating. Sometimes we don't realize that something is wrong, and then we see rashes appear suddenly and we go to think of other causes, not what is on our mind.

The skin is certainly one of the parts of the body that is most affected by psychosomatic diseases, it is also the one that is seen the most and the alterations are quite easily noticed, it is difficult to hide them. The skin reacts very immediately to psychic stress and normal emotions and this depends on the fact that the skin and the nervous system are in the same biological substrate, in the same embryo sheet, so it is normal for them to have deep relationships and interconnections.

Some examples of psychosomatic skin diseases are the dry skin, linked to the fear of opening up, oily skin and psychosomatic acne, linked to sexuality, psychosomatic cellulite, sometimes linked to strong traumas on a love level that frighten a woman and block her.

Psychosomatic skin diseases: psychosomatic dermatitis

Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that leads to cappearance of redness and swelling, sometimes accompanied by itching and blistering. When it has psychological origins it can be linked to the feeling of anger, when it is repressed. Its appearance is therefore a signal for ourselves, so that we try to let things flow more without taking it all but selecting only what is really important to us. If it's worth it, we can deal with what makes us angry, but if it's not worth it, don't build up anger.

Psychosomatic skin diseases: psychosomatic urticaria

Even hives can have some psychological origins and its symptoms mainly concern the presence of blisters and itching. It can have physical causes but sometimes it appears due to severe stress. Maybe there is something that bothers us and we don't want to acknowledge it. To solve the problem we must try to relieve the stress in some way, after admitting to having accumulated it. Regular physical activity can certainly help relieve stress, even if it is "just" walking, better if we do it in nature.

Psychosomatic skin diseases: psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the skin diseases that bothers us the most, has symptoms that have a strong aesthetic impact and can also create social problems. When you have it, red lesions appear with white mother-of-pearl scales. Physiologically we can explain this symptom with one uncontrolled cell growth but in fact the causes are to be found in ourselves. Psoriasis is usually attributed to an attempt to block one's emotions and not to receive external stimuli. To get out of it it is recommended to try to enter into a relationship with others without forcing but slowly opening up and stopping to keep everything inside as if the world were full of enemies and that's it.

Psychosomatic skin diseases: natural remedies

Natural remedies for psychosomatic diseases they can be very effective but take a long time. Better to combine medical treatment, for the strongest symptoms, and in the meantime start working on the psyche. Neither type of intervention is improvised, it is very important to contact a dermatologist who is able to deal with all aspects related to our problem, both physical and mental of the person. Only with the help of another person who knows the mechanisms that bind mind and body well can we understand what we are somatizing and how to get out of it.

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