Sprinkler irrigation: features and benefits

That ofsprinkler irrigation is an irrigation system that allows you to distribute the water in the form of tiny drops (hence, the reference to "rain"), and thus have one greater efficiency, considering that irrigation will be uniform throughout the area subject to this intervention.

Not exactly cheap (a rather important initial investment is required), it can therefore represent a choice of great merit for many agricultural crops.

But what does a sprinkler irrigation system consist of? What are its main features? And what supports the goodness of such a choice?

How a sprinkler irrigation system is made

There is no single approach to the construction of a sprinkler irrigation system, considering that its structure will depend on a long series of influencing elements, such as the size of the land to be irrigated or its conformation.

What does not change, however, is the presence of a water source, such as a well or a reservoir, and again an electric pump, able to take water from the water source and - by means of pressure - push it along the pipes and pipes. .

The are also further elements always present in a sprinkler irrigation system sprinklers, from the ground or suspended, which through their small nozzles nebulize the water simulating droplets similar to those of rain, and a control unit that allows you to establish the times and other parameters of use of the system.

Advantages of sprinkler irrigation

Let us now describe, albeit briefly, the main advantages of sprinkler irrigation systems, of which - moreover - we have already made a brief mention.

First of all, it should be noted that sprinkler irrigation is an irrigation mode that can easily adapt to any type of cultivation: simulating rain, it can be a natural source of water supply for all crops.

In addition to adapting to any type of cultivation, the sprinkler irrigation system Yes also fits easily to any type of terrain: it will therefore be sufficient to correctly set the irrigation parameters with the control unit to be able to open and close the valves at the right time, in line with the actual needs of the soil.

About control unit, we can only briefly dwell on the merits that are linked to the "heart" of the system. In fact, careful use of this device allows you to accurately dose the volume of water to be dispensed, thus adapting - as we have just mentioned - to any context. Not only that: compared to traditional surface flow systems, the sprinkler irrigation system allows significant water savings (and, therefore, costs in the "bill").

Not bad, right?

Disadvantages of sprinkler irrigation

Unfortunately, like any intervention in agriculture, the advantages also correspond to disadvantages. Or, at least, some aspects that we recommend that you evaluate and that could influence your final choice with regard to sprinkler irrigation, and its main usability features.

First, the sprinkler irrigation system has a cost of construction and installation quite high, especially when it comes to a plant of considerable size, with mechanizations tailored to the needs of the grower.

Second, it is a plant fairly energy-intensive. Although compared to traditional and more obsolete systems it can still show concrete savings, it still requires an uncommon expenditure of electricity in order to keep the water in the due pressures inside the pipes.

It should also be borne in mind that the plant's goal is to create water sprays, simulating - in fact - rain. A nice comfort and a nice effect on the crops ... as long as there is not too much wind: in this case, in fact, the distribution of the water will no longer be regular and uniform as we anticipated at the beginning of this in-depth study, but it runs the risk to facilitate some plants at the expense of others.

Finally, the use of a sprinkler irrigation system will require a more careful control over crops. The presence of artificial rain will in fact end up wetting the leaves of the trees, creating an environment particularly prone to hosting parasites.

Having said that, it is certainly an implant to evaluate, which may surprise you with the many benefits it can give you. However, be careful to customize it appropriately and, above all, manage both the system and the plants that will enjoy the effect of this irrigation with a view to careful maintenance.

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