In the Land of Fires, fires and toxic fumes increase

In the Land of Fires, fires and toxic fumes increase

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L'summer 2019 will go down in history for the sad sequence of fires that have devastated numerous geographical areas of the planet, most recently the Amazon. But Italy is also burning. And it's not just about forests but about something much more dangerous: waste. We are talking about the illicit fires that continue to be set in the Land of fires, putting the health of local citizens at serious risk as well as the environment.

Between the end of August and the beginning of September, dozens of reports on the presence of toxic bonfires in this area of ​​the Campania. Among the areas most affected by the sad phenomenon, there is the median axis, a road that very frequently turns into a scene of garbage fires. The garbage here is burned directly at the edges of the aisles. But the situation appears rampant and concerns the territory as a whole.

The march of Acerra

To shed new light on the ongoing disaster, around 3,000 protesters took part in the 7 September march against the Land of Fires organized in Acerra. Present collectives, civic associations, movements and free citizens, united by a common purpose: to raise awareness of the environmental devastation caused by the toxic fires that are literally destroying this vast portion of Southern Italy. "We demand a waste plan worthy of the name and the solution to a problem that weighs more and more on the weakest people“Said Monica Capo, coordinator of Fridays for Future.

Protesters called for more attention from politics, particularly appealing to the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa, who more than any other parliamentarian knows from within the drama experienced by the citizens of the Land of Fires.

Northern Italy: the new Terra dei Fuochi

During the Acerra event, the growing multiplication of burning of waste in northern Italy. The data speaks for itself. From 2014 to 2017, the fires started in waste management and treatment plants in the northern regions amounted to 45.5% of the national total, double compared to the 62 recorded in the South, where the number of plants is however much lower. In Lombardy, toxic bonfires have a rhythm of at least two per month. In the period of time considered, 31 places were affected by arson, even repeated ones. Faced with these numbers, many speak of one new Terra dei Fuochi. And they are not wrong.

Drones chasing illegal landfills

In the meantime, in Caserta and Naples, in order to identify fires and illegal landfills more quickly, drones are used. The aircraft are piloted by a group of experienced pilots who make their skills available free of charge for the common good. The pilots take turns in monitoring, coordinating and collaborating side by side with theAnti-fire Volunteers Association of Acerra.

Drones are ultra-technological tools that mount cameras capable of performing surveys even in areas that are often difficult to access. They are therefore very valid allies in supervisory operations as well as in preventive interventions.

A very clear concept also to the Italian army. In fact, since the spring of this year, the use of drones has also been active among the military engaged in the daily patrol of the Terra dei Fuochi, aimed at making the fight against the many more effective environmental crimes involving the territory, annihilating it day after day.

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