Cordyceps mushroom: benefits and price

Cordyceps mushroom: benefits and price

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The Cordyceps Sinensis it is a mushroom, one of the best known despite its impractical name to memorize. It is a mushroom rich in properties that we can take through supplements that can also be purchased online. Let's find out why this mushroom is so interesting and why even scientists have studied it so much.

Cordyceps mushroom

Venerated for millennia for its amazing characteristics and properties, the Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom that grows in Tibet at about 4,877 meters above sea level. Undoubtedly it is not the type of mushroom that is collected during a picnic in the woods, it is very rare and sought after. Its name derives from the Latin, from “cord”, which means plant, and “ceps” which means head.

It is very clear that we are referring to its shape, a decidedly particular shape that extends from the mummified carcass of an insect larva, generally Hepialis Armoricanus. We can find this mushroom also indicated by other names, the most common are Caterpillar or DongChongXiaCao, which mean "summer plant, winter insect". Mention is made of an ancient belief that attributed magical powers to the mushroom, those that allowed it to transform from an insect in winter to a plant in summer.

Cordyceps: benefits

Cordyceps is well known because it is used to combat liver, kidney and cardiac disorders but above all because it seems to improve sexual function. Let's begin to discover its many properties by going more specifically.

As a mushroom it can be used by athletes because it increases the physical endurance. It would in fact be able to increase the levels of ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the main source of energy for the body, necessary for all enzymatic processes, by almost 30%. There are studies that show how it also helps use oxygen, so naturally sportsmen can benefit from it, extending the times of their own aerobic performance.

Even seniors can appreciate the Cordyceps due to the fact that it can help them improve the quality of sleep and keep energy and mood high. It also contributes to greater mental clarity.

This mushroom improves both cardiac function and liver functions, also giving a hand to those suffering from kidney diseases, let's see in what sense.

As for the heart part, simply it works as a tonic and oxygenating agent for the heart so it can help those who have suffered a heart attack to improve heart rhythm disturbances. From the hepatic point of view, we note that it is an excellent detoxifier that manages to slow down the evolution of cirrhosis of the liver, greatly improving liver function. Kidney disease sufferers can do the Cordyceps a support for tired, compromised or transplanted kidneys because it increases the Renal IQ and regenerates damaged kidney tubules. In the case of a transplanted liver, the fungus prolongs its survival and improves its functionality.

There are studies that have shown some effectiveness of the fungus against tuberculosis, leprosy and human leukemia, it would also have a protective action from damage caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy and cellular DNA repair.

From some rather recent research the presence in the fungus of cordycepin, a new antibiotic very effective against all types of bacteria that have developed resistance to other more common antibiotics, has emerged.

We come now to benefits that the mushroom brings from a sexual point of view. It has been known for millennia: this mushroom increases libido in both men and women, regulating the hormonal level and increasing energy and cellular vitality.

Last, but not least, we mention the action of the fungus on mood. In some cases it can go as far as replace antidepressants, which lead to an absence of libido, which is compromised precisely due to severe stress on the nervous system.

Cordyceps: supplement

Cordyceps is a multipurpose mushroom, in a certain sense, because it has properties that adapt to the most diverse ailments: impotence, infertility, respiratory diseases, hormonal problems, asthma and bronchitis, cancer, HIV, immune deficiency, poor physical resistance, high level of stress, chronic fatigue, heart, kidney, liver problems.

There aren't even gods side effects so it can be taken with great serenity in the form of a supplement that comes to us from traditional Chinese medicine in which it was used above all for the treatment of asthma and other bronchial diseases. Always according to the oriental Chinese tradition, we find the mushroom indicated as warmer, with a green-orange color, it is associated with Winter and Spring and its main actions are Tonification of Yang, Lung Yin, Kidney Yin and Yang and to increase oxygen at the cellular level.

Cordyceps: price

In herbal medicine and in some organic shops we can find this mushroom which is also widely sold online. Prices? Let's take a look at what the market offers

At 13 euros we find 90 vegetable capsules of pure mushroom or the most refined vegan capsules and gluten and lactose free, much more expensive, suitable for strengthening the immune system or for obtaining benefits regarding the sexual sphere.

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