How to save water in the bathroom

How to save water in the bathroom

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To find how to save water in the bathroom it is our civic duty and allows us in addition to save on bill costs, with small precautions.

According to L 'WHO (World Health Organization) the minimum amount of water to ensure a dignified human life is 40 liters per person per day, including water used for agriculture, for drinking, for cooking and for washing.

THE average water consumption I am however somewhat different in relation to the different areas of the world and within each continent. However, to get an idea of ​​the disparities, in Africa the average consumption of water is around 20 liters per day per person, in India around 25, in Europe (average between states) around 165 but in Italy it exceeds 240 liters (!). In the United States it even reaches 425 liters.

Much of theItaly is lucky enough to have plenty of water with a modest cost per liter in relation to the average income but things could change soon, also because the Italian water system and the pipelines of the aqueducts have a very high rate of dispersion, mainly due to leaks of the pipes that could become in the next years increasingly important, in the absence of adequate maintenance, so as to determine a increase in the price of water.

The common citizen it has no power to intervene directly on these inefficiencies but it can certainly adopt a series of virtuous behaviors that allow to considerably reduce the daily consumption of water.

Among the most frequent negative habits I mention for example:

- let the tap water run while brushing your teeth or while putting the shampoo on your hair

- let the water run for a long time to have the perfect temperature or forget that we are filling the tub to bathe so that the water is lost in the safety drain

- use the undifferentiated toilet flush or without the possibility of choosing how much water to flow in relation to our needs

To correct the first two behaviors it is enough to be mindful and be careful, changing our wrong habits, to solve the third problem it is enough to use a water rinse cistern with differentiated water flows.

Among the excellences in this area, both in terms of design and performance, there is for example the module Geberit Monolith for WC which has obtained the recognition of maximum energy efficiency classification: WELL label, class A, additionally offering an innovative design.

The Geberit Monolith Plus module awarded for its efficiency in water consumption

The Monolith assortment is available in three colors for the washbasin and bidet modules (umber brown, black and white) and in four colors for the toilet module (aqua green, umber brown, black and white). additionally offer a wide range of colors.

Geberit, to keep costs down, he also thought about creating a upgrade kit dedicated to the cistern bringing the rinse from one to two quantities and providing design control plates that embellish the bathroom.

For more information on Geberit products you can still visit the official website.

Another habit that allows us huge water savings is to do more often the shower instead of the bathroom. The average water consumption of a shower it is in fact about 50% inferior compared to consuming a bathroom: about 50 liters of water instead of 100 liters.

The water saving it can also be notable in kitchen, correcting some wrong habits: water left to run for several minutes to rinse the salad or other vegetables, washing dishes by hand by letting the water run instead of filling a basin, cooking water from the pasta thrown instead of being reused in several ways (the simplest is probably to use it to water the plants).

Another operation that can save thousands of liters of water per year is the application of a simple jet fringeto our taps so as to enrich the water with air.

As you can see, the simple precautions are not lacking: will you be able to apply at least a few to save your water consumption? :-)

For other tips on how to save water at home, please refer to the guide article dedicated to how save water in the kitchen.

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