Seabin installed on the Arno river thanks to Coop and LifeGate

Seabin installed on the Arno river thanks to Coop and LifeGate

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The project LifeGate Plasticless® continues successfully thanks to the installation of a new Seabin, on the Arno river that will allow to recover an average of 500 kg of floating waste per year, including microplastics and microfibers.

What is the Seabin and how it works

The Seabin is an effective and efficient solution that, floating on the surface of the water, captures the waste it encounters, from the largest to microplastics, while a small pump expels the filtered water.

It is able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, pumps up to 25,000 liters of sea water per hour and requires minimal maintenance as it only requires periodic emptying and cleaning.

In the opening image of our article you can see what the Seabin looks like, very similar to a basket but with a lot of technology inside.

The collaboration between LifeGate and Coop

Coop and LifeGate have made operational the first Seabin on the Arno river at the Circolo Canottieri, in Florence, a short distance from Ponte Vecchio.

The collaboration involves the installation of another 25 Seabin in the waters of the seas, rivers and lakes throughout Italy. The next ones will be installed in Genoa, Pescara, Milan, Verbania, Trieste, Brindisi and many other seaside and lake locations in an ideal and virtuous tour of Italy that will end in the summer season of 2021.

"We welcomed the collaboration proposal with LifeGate - he has declared Maura Latini, CEO of Coop Italia intervened at the installation in Florence - We like to ideally start our new campaign from Florence and the Arno in the heart of the city, convinced that we are making a concrete gesture to improve the ecosystem of our waters. We believe it is an action that is perfectly consistent with the principles of environmental sustainability that inspire Coop ".

“The pandemic has taught us that nature can think bigger than us and our habits - the comment of Simone Molteni, scientific director of LifeGate - It is essential to work for an economy that respects and also regenerates the ecosystems we have ruined. The collaboration between COOP and LifeGate goes in this direction and we hope it will inspire the companies that today are thinking about a new restart ".

“To keep Tuscany beautiful and clean, effective and collaborative actions are needed: everyone must make their contribution and keep it clean, collecting waste abandoned at the bottom of the sea, in a river or in the woods. Education and good practices are essential when it comes to the environment. But that's not enough yet. Ideas and innovation are also needed: we need to create new tools capable of giving concrete results He says the Councilor for the Presidency of the Tuscany Region Vittorio Bugli ­- These are also the basic elements of the projects that we have supported in Tuscany and that have had excellent results: from Arcipelago Pulito, the only fishing for litter experiment in Italy, to our Clean Beaches initiative against the abandonment of disposable plastic under umbrellas, which has involved tourists and bathing establishments last summer. The care of waterways and rivers is only the last piece of a campaign for a clean Tuscany with which we support the actions of voluntary associations, bodies and reclamation consortia ”.

THEl cutting of the ribbon that sanctions the installation of the Seabin on the Arno river, near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

The Seabin installed along the banks of the Arno river seen from above

Coop's commitment to the environment

Coop has always been at the forefront of the fight against plastic pollution and is the only large retailer in Italy to have joined the "Pledging Campaign”On a voluntary basis launched by the European Commission.

The actions on the products announced, including reduction, recycling and reuse, will in fact allow Coop to achieve total savings of 6,400 tons of virgin plastic per year in 2025, corresponding to the volume of about 60 Tir (about a 1 km line of Tir on the motorway ).

In the past, Coop's fight against plastic pollution was not limited to products but reached the sea, thanks to the "Clean archipelago"Designed by Unicoop Florence and then also welcomed by Unicoop Tirreno thanks to which it is the fishermen who collect and bring the collected plastics ashore, allowing them to be recycled.

Now the lucky encounter with the campaign "PlasticLess"Promoted by LifeGate adds a further advance to Coop's environmental objective.

The Seabin positioned on the Arno river, it follows the first “test installation” built a year ago at the Marina of Sestri Ponente generating extremely significant results with over 1,700 kilograms of floating waste collected, by virtue of a particularly favorable positioning.

The need to intercept and recycle the greatest possible amount of plastic present in Italian rivers before they pour into our seas and lakes is made clear by the latest report from theIspra (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) according to which in the Mediterranean Sea alone almost 50,000 fish of 116 different species have ingested fragments of plastic.

Going into the details of the state of health of the Arno, a recent note fromArpat Tuscany cites the calculations made by the Dutch Ocean Clean Up which estimates 18,700 kilograms of waste transported by the Arno each year, making it one of the most "critical rivers in Italy", particularly in the stretches towards the mouth.

The value of the initiative of LifeGate is Coop it is therefore even more important, also from a symbolic point of view as well as from the point of view of the actual benefits related to the installation of the first Seabin.

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