Yellow courgette, cultivation and seeds

Yellow courgette, cultivation and seeds

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Yellow courgette: cultivation, variety, yield of plants and how to grow it on the balcony or in the vegetable garden. The use of yellow courgette in the kitchen.

Do-it-yourself cultivation of zucchini:why start it

Growing zucchini is worthwhile: horticulture is rewarding, in addition, every single yellow zucchini plant will give you enoughfruitsto allow you a small saving on home food shopping. Only with theDIY cultivationyou will have thecertaintyto bring to the table 100% natural, fresh and genuine vegetables, unaguaranteeso no organic brand can offer it!

Yellow courgette

The flavor is similar to that of classic green zucchini, the pulp is slightly sweeter and the skin is thinner as well as of a different color.

The bright yellow fruits are also good to eat raw, marinated, roasted, prepared with omelettes and risotto, just like you would do with the classic courgette. The pulp and peel remain yellow even during cooking.

Yellow courgette, plant diseases

Diseases of theyellow courgettethey are the same ones that can attack the classic green zucchini. All diseases can be prevented with proper cleaning of flower beds or pots. Gray mold can be prevented with good ventilation of the crop and with good sun exposure:zucchiniit should be grown in full sun.

In the case of aphids, mites and other parasitic insects, we recommend pyrethrum-based products, perfect for the organic garden and forcultivation of zucchini in pots.

Older leaves affected by white sickness can be cut and thrown in the trash.

Where to buy yellow zucchini

The seeds of yellow zucchini they can be purchased from agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales.

Useful link from Amazon: yellow courgette seed.

The variety reported is a strong plant, resistant to viruses, suitable for both pot cultivation and full garden. The plant (cucurbita pepo, cucurbit family) is native to Central South America and is resistant to diseases and parasites and loves the heat and wants to be grown in full sun. The color of the zucchini is golden yellow, the flowers are on orange yellow.

The yellow squash is ready to harvest when it reaches a length of 18 - 20 cm. The color is intense yellow, it is a medium-early variety so from sowing to harvest you will not have to wait too long.

Sow yellow zucchini

For thesowing of the yellow courgetteyou will need soft soil, compost and plastic jars. Besides, of course, the seeds!

Fill the jars up to 3/4 of the way up. Place a courgette seed in the center without exerting any pressure, you just have to place it on the ground. Add another top layer of soil mixed with organic fertilizer (you can also use soil for sowing). Water gently and wait for germination.

The seeds take about 10 days to germinate, at an optimal temperature between 18 and 28 ° C.

Growing yellow zucchini in the vegetable garden

Once well developed, the seedlings must be removed from the jars with all the earthen bread surrounding the roots.

At this point you can proceed with thetransplant. Planting should be done when the plants have developed at least three vigorous leaves. The yellow courgette plants should be placed at a distance of 15 - 20 cm from each other, in furrows 50 cm apart.

Grow yellow zucchini in pots

Who wants grow yellow zucchiniin pots, perhaps on the terrace or balcony, you can choose containers at least 45 - 50 cm wide. Choose a fertile universal soil or a soil for growing vegetables already rich in nitrogen and other micronutrients useful for the plant. The depth of the pot must be at least 45 cm.

Warning! If thecultivation of yellow courgette in potsit must be performed on the terrace, balcony or other ventilated environment, the plants could suffer and risk drying out. Place thezucchini in potsin a sunny but not too windy place, if necessary, install windbreaks.

THEzucchini in potsshould be irrigated daily.

When to grow yellow courgette

The most suitable period falls with late spring. The giale zucchini they prefer a warm and temperate climate, with good ventilation. The optimal temperature for development is between 20 and 28 ° C.

Zucchini or courgette

Curiosity, is it courgette or courgette?
The correct form, as reported by theAccademia della Crusca, is the male one (thereforezucchinifor the singular andzucchinifor the plural)however, even the wordcourgetteit is recognized in Italian dictionaries. With the wordzucchiniit refers to the vegetable while with the female equivalent, it denotes both the plant and the fruit.

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