How to grow marjoram

How to grow marjoram

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There marjoram it's aaromatic herb widely used in both fresh and dried cooking to flavor meat dishes, salads, pizzas, etc. It is classified as a perennial, although it is often grown as an annual, as it cannot bear low temperatures.

For proper development, the marjoram in fact, it needs particularly hot climatic conditions, to be outdoors and in direct contact with the sun's rays for several hours a day. But let's see in detail how to grow marjoram, following some useful indications.

There marjoram it comes in the form of small bushes that do not exceed half a meter in height, has small oval-shaped leaves covered with thick hair; the flowers are pinkish white in spikes. Both the leaves and the flowers are used from the plant, after they have been dried.

How to grow marjoram

The marjoram plant should be watered very sparingly, taking care not to soak the soil excessively in order to avoid water stagnation which would pose a serious danger to the development of the plant. Greater attention for irrigation should be given in the first period of life and during flowering.

It can be grown in any type of soil, even if it prefers a dry substratum rich in organic substances but be careful it does not tolerate all those soils characterized by a high level of humidity.

Sow marjoram

Flowering occurs in the middle of summer, so it will be necessary to wait between August and September for the seeds to ripen. By sowing them at the beginning of the following spring, we will have new seedlings.

Sowing can be done directly in the ground already at the end of winter: in the more rigid climate areas it is preferable to proceed in a protected environment.

Sowing can be done both by broadcasting and in rows, taking care to cover the seeds with a thin layer of earth.
Gemination is quite fast, within a week or two at the most. For planting in the garden, it will then be necessary to wait until the seedlings are large enough: at least 10 cm

To get the multiplication of marjoram plants cuttings can also be taken, which are then placed in a mixture of peat and sand until the roots have grown; the best time for grafting is in summer.

Marjoram seeds

Marjoram seeds are easy to find on the market. Just contact any agricultural consortium or take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon there is no shortage of thermal sachets with high germination seeds for only 3 euros.

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