Eating raw garlic: benefits and contraindications

Eating raw garlic: benefits and contraindications

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Eating is recommended raw garlic, about 5 grams per day, to obtain benefits but not everyone is ready to do so, more than for the flavor of this food itself as for the bad breath it brings with it. For this we will go to see why it can do us good to get into this habit once we have learned some quick tricks to not achieve this. collateral effect for some a little nauseating or perhaps just socially embarrassing. And if someone really can't stand garlic, you can always fall back on some herbal products that can take their place. Those who beat bad breath, on the other hand, are all those rich in polyphenols that we often see on our tables such as spinach, parsley and mint, or some drinks such as lemonade and green tea.

Properties of garlic

Let's start by singing the praises of this food and not out of a spirit of contradiction or even an urban legend, it is truly a precious ingredient even if it drives many away because of the allicin. This sulfur is the cause of bad breath every time the garlic is "damaged". There are also advantages behind this element which is proven to be an effective antibiotic against numerous types of bacteria, including typhus. In addition toallicin, there are other valuable antibacterial substances in garlic, such as garlicina, and then minerals and trace elements, such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine and iron. What about vitamins? Contains mainly provitamin A, vitamins B1-B2-PP.

Eating raw garlic: benefits

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, anticancer, antibiotic and anti-flu, garlic is an ally food and is also used a lot in our cuisine as in others, especially oriental ones. In recipes we often find it cooked but if we want to benefit from its essence we must eat it raw garlic. Among the many benefits we see the main ones.

Not an urban legend, this raw ingredient can prevent the lung cancer. It emerges from a research conducted in China that those who regularly consume raw garlic are 44% less likely to get cancer and also work with smokers with less significant but important percentages.

Against seasonal ailments it is excellent natural antibiotic which fights viruses, bacteria and fungi thanks to allicin and strengthens the immune system. It is also a useful antioxidant, again thanks to the allicin which combats the harmful effects of premature aging.

Even if you are young it should interest you for example that it lowers blood pressure and also controls cholesterol but for it to work we must eat raw garlic on an empty stomach. It is only in this way that we can obtain benefits on the circulation and the cardiovascular system.

Some may twist their nose but garlic helps digestion and is good for liver and bladder, always eaten raw, regulating the intestinal flora.

How to eat raw garlic without having bad breath

Now that we know how important and convenient it is eat raw garlic, here are the tricks to do it avoiding side effects. If we don't care about the breath, we can cut the clove in half, let it rest for 10-15 minutes and then swallow it with a little water, always on an empty stomach. Otherwise let's try these remedies

  • Apple, also raw, it eliminates those components that give garlic its characteristic odor.
  • Apple cider vinegar, for example if we are preparing a condiment, together with other aromatic herbs
  • Extra virgin olive oil, powerful to defeat bad breath. We can prepare a minced garlic and then let it rest for 15 minutes, so that the useful enzymes are activated, and then crawl it on a nice slice of wholemeal bread with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. A perfect recipe also for preparing appetizing bruschetta.
  • Chickpea hummus, it is a recipe that contains garlic even if you don't taste it too much. Try to believe it, just add a few raw wedges and we will get a tasty and appetizing hummus but without spoiling our breath.
  • Natural sweetener, another very simple anti bad breath trick. Just take garlic for example against sore throats, chopped and mixed with a teaspoon of natural sweetener. In this way it is possible to cover the flavor of this food and also the effect of the breath. There are also those who try to use honey, it works even if those who are vegan do not like this remedy.
  • guacamole, another perhaps unlikely remedy for bad garlic breath. This sauce contains raw garlic but does not have any unpleasant effect on us and we can enjoy its avocado flavor with a lot of serenity.

The last remedy in extremis is the following. We can buy one of the many in herbal medicine herbal preparations based on garlic, there are in capsules, for example, very convenient.

Is eating raw garlic bad for your stomach?

The answer is yes, but also no. It's good for the stomach if we don't overdo it. It almost always works like this, because it takes measure even when you take substances that have gods extraordinary powers. In fact, there are side effects such as irritation of the intestinal walls and digestive tract that cannot be ignored, it is good to know this before abusing them. For this reason it is not recommended to ingest raw garlic to those suffering from gastritis, it is not good even in case of peptic ulcer, anemia and allergy. And it should be avoided if you are taking certain medications, especially anti-coagulants.

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