How to tell if there are cockroaches in the house

How to tell if there are cockroaches in the house it is a question that arises spontaneously especially if one is aware of how dangerous these beings can be. Yes, because they do not bite or pinch but they are still harmful to our health because they can contaminate food and become carriers of diseases such as salmonella, tapeworms and hepatitis. Rather serious illnesses that none of us intend to take, least of all due to the "fault" of an insect that has decided to become our roommate.

For the reason just explained, therefore, it is very important not to shrug when talking about how to understand if there are cockroaches in the house because if you notice them you must intervene rather promptly in order to move them away and keep them away from our homes forever. Our domestic environment must be defended decisively trying to flush out these insects immediately so that they do not decide to move to us and start a family. For a female cockroach this means, just to give an idea, churning out at least 50 eggs at one time. This means that only one of these insects may have to require a real disinfestation.

How to tell if there are cockroaches hidden in the kitchen

Given that cockroaches do not like being in the sunlight, it is not so trivial to realize that they are present in our environments as for example it can be for ants. Indeed, if we see them during the day we are not lucky but we are victims of a real one infestation which may be more serious than expected. Since they live in our homes especially during the period of darkness, we must strive to try to recognize their presence anyway.

We have to turn into real investigators and look for the signs that cockroaches can leave during their passage which are mostly their excrement. To know what they look like, we have to imagine little balls smaller than the grains of coffee powder. If we see it in cupboards or furniture at home means we have cockroaches in the house and timely action must be taken.

How to understand where cockroaches come from

Also in this case it is necessary to go a little by eye and intuition, because we have no way of following these insects in the middle of the night. What the literature teaches us is that this type of animal loves to proliferate in humid places and especially where it can find food supplies and have a feast.

So let's start making inspections in the places of the house that cockroaches most likely use as a hiding place starting from kitchen but not neglecting either the pantry as we keep a lot of stocks right there, often in the dark. A real paradise of taste for them.

Beyond these two environments, to be sifted through to understand where the cockroaches come from, we can also carry out checks in the rest of the house, especially in those that can intuitively be their favorite places. The bathroom it is an interesting place for these insects who like to stop in the sewer pipes but also in crevices, cracks, cracks in walls or floors. If you have a cellar it is best to have a look there too, especially if you don't clean it frequently.

How to try to surprise cockroaches at home

So far we have been based on theory, a theory that tells us how cockroaches can love the darkness and the food and that therefore the kitchen is their favorite environment. But it is not so easy to solve the problem because there is no real rule and in every home these insects manage to hide in the most cunning and unsuspected ways.

After going through the pantries, kitchen or even the dining room and living room and all the places where cockroaches might have found around remains and crumbs on tables and floors, we start looking for hiding places where humidity stagnates, such as in skirting boards, dark crevices or holes in furniture and walls, especially in bathrooms.

Then there is an unscientific but very pragmatic method that we can apply and that is to try to surprise them in the act, in the act of crime, one might say. How to do? To keep the trap room in complete darkness for a few hours, also trying not to make any movements in the house that could alarm these insects, and then yes enters by surprise turning on the light and focusing attention especially in the areas near the walls or near the furniture where cockroaches have most likely run to hide.

It may also happen that you notice the presence of cockroaches because you hear their noise, perhaps a scuffling behind some furniture, or because we notice that the house cat he is a bit restless and tries to hunt down these enemies at night.

Eliminate crumbs, coffee and cocoa to remove the cockroaches

When we have the almost crystalline certainty that we have cockroaches in the house important and operational decisions must be taken immediately to chase them away. On the one hand, we can proceed with a do-it-yourself infestation by purchasing a specific product or there is also the possibility of contacting a specialized company.
If, on the other hand, we are not sure that we have these insects around but we want to ensure that they do not choose our home as their residence, we can act in advance and not create those conditions that make their presence probable.

The first rule is to keep all clean and sanitized rooms of the house, especially the kitchen or pantry where all food supplies are kept. So no crumbs, no coffee or cocoa if sealed in some container, but that's not all.

Not to entice the cockroaches to visit us it is better to avoid leaving dirty dishes and dishes in the sink, because they would attract them. In fact, cockroaches do not come to our homes to harm us but simply because they have the idea that they will be able to refresh themselves with our abundant food scraps in our homes. If they find that they find nothing to fill their bellies with, sooner or later they will go in search of less clean and more families. full of crumbs around.

Beware of fruit and holes that can be caused by cockroaches

If we are not yet convinced that we have all the weapons in our hands to defend ourselves from cockroaches, here are some more tips. We pay close attention to fruit because maybe it is the food that we leave "exposed" in the house and that can attract them. For a mere matter of hygiene and also not to take them by the throat, we try not to leave anything in plain sight.

And then we try to be good observers for notice any holes that these insects can create for example in furniture, shelves and covered shelves where they have decided to hide. Sometimes you think they are even able to deposit theirs eggs even behind door frames and windows or under the wallpaper and then wander around our houses in the middle of the night as if it were their home. Before leaving us, a dispassionate advice to hunt cockroaches from home, with a product easily available online, is a gel and is very effective.

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