Vases to furnish your home with style

Vases to furnish your home with style

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A jar magnetic and changeable that changes shape and composition to your flowers, elegant and refined that I will bring innovation to your stay; or a jar colorful and compact, a revolutionary pot that brings style to your home balcony, will offer you a unique solution for growing plants and flowers in urban environments.

The first living room vase is called Adaptation, and the adjective "magnetic" does not just indicate its captivating design, it is true magnetism: Adaptation is composed of an aluminum base covered with granite marble from which 4 glass cylinders emerge, at the base of each cylinder there is a stainless steel sphere. Inside the base I dream of magnets that influence the position of the cylinders.

The cylinders must be placed i flowers, the vase will change composition according to the motion of the magnets that will tilt and change the shape of the vessels. The vase is elegant, innovative and modern.

It costs $ 98 and was made by designer Brandon Perhacs. The lean and essential style of jar Adaptation make it even more elegant, modern but above all innovative.

The second vessel is called Greenbo, it is a railing vase, designed to fit any type of balcony. It is compact and lively. It adapts to the cultivation of plants and flowers and is available in a large assortment of colors so as to blend well with any type of furniture (black and white for sobriety and elegance, red, turquoise, green, orange, gray…).

Greenbo is an authentic planter which does not need wires or supports because it was made to stay on the railings: it has an arched structure that allows it to be anchored.

The jar it is made to guarantee resistance to UV rays, water damage and other atmospheric agents so as to show off a vivid color for years. There planter greenbo includes a drainage system that can be removed or kept according to the needs of the cultivated plant. This vase costs $ 27.95.

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