Indoor plants with flowers

Indoor plants with flowers: what are the indoor flowering plants that are able to offer fragrant blooms and which are also, perhaps, very resistant. From large ones to plants that resist low light.

I don't know about you but I don't have a green thumb and every plant I try to grow ends up giving me just a couple of blooms. I don't want to settle for succulents and for this I have tested a number of indoor plants that give gods flowers beautiful and that are enoughresistantto survive even my carelessness. Here is a list of the most beautiful flowering houseplants.

Indoor plants with flowers

First of all I tell you that they do not existalways flowering houseplants, each species has its own vegetative cycle which includes a period without flowering. There are, however, remontant plants that can offer more and more blooms throughout the year.

An example of this is the giant orchid that can offer continuous blooms from May to November! The giant orchid, however, requires some extra care, so if you are looking for itindoor flowering plantsthat are also resistant, this is not for you. It is among thelarge flowering houseplants(at the time of purchase it is generally around 120 cm high) but it needs some misting, proper light exposure (not in full sun but in a still bright environment) and constant temperatures.


Who doesn't know orchids? There are over 30,000 types and thousands of hybrids. These indoor plants They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and are popular mainly because over time, they have become the symbol of charity sales. The most common type is the moth orchid, known for its purplish-red hue.

You are searching fragrant indoor plants? In addition to the giant variety, there are also fragrant orchids. In short, only with orchids you already have a huge choice.


African violets are beautiful flowering plants. They lend themselves well like indoor plants, they offer a great variety of shapes and there are different colors. The only precaution they require is timely watering, high humidity and a bright environment, which is why they can be placed on the windowsill of the house without any problem.


Known by all as the "Christmas star", it is difficult to keep alive but not impossible because some producers have created varieties that can be adapted as indoor plants. The poinsettia is famous and widespread especially on holidays, in the red color, the producers of which first spread the plant in other colors such as pink and white.


Although in the common imagination, begonias are conceived as outdoor plants, they are also perfect for indoors. These plants do not require great care in fact they are perfect for those like me who do not have a green thumb. Much more than orchids and the aforementioned poinsettias. Moreover, if they start to give problems, for example, if the saucer leaks and dirties the floor, the plant can always be moved outside, in the garden or on the balcony of the house.

Desert cactus and succulents with flowers

It is true, in the introduction we said "no succulents", you may not believe it, but the desert cacti can give flowers delicious. I'm indoor plants very widespread and on the market there are many types. Like violets they need a lot of sunlight, especially during the flowering period, so they can be placed on the windowsill. In addition to the desert cactus, among the succulents that can turn out to be beautiful indoor plants, we have the subtropical forest cacti, they have red or pink flowers, they have falling leaves and are known as "Christmas cacti", a characteristic of such indoor plants is that they are easy to care for.


It is so beautiful that it deserves the care it needs. It bears large colorful flowers that adorn the tall stems. They are usually sold as single flowers that love the home until they wither. But who loves the indoor plants and wants to try the enterprise of making the potted plant bloom, the result will be exciting. Just like the very fragrant Hyacinth, at the end of its growth cycle, the bulbs can be removed from the pot and stored in a cool and dry place for six to eight weeks, after which they can be replanted and give a new flowering. L'Amaryllis it will give large flowers, the most common colors are red, fuchsia, pink and orange.

More info: what to do if the amaryllis does not bloom.


It is a genus that includes about 300 species and among these there are annual or perennial plants. Some of these plants they can be adapted, with some precautions, to grow at home. They can grow a lot, so they require enough space even though smaller varieties are usually chosen for growing indoors. They give away fragrant flowers brightly colored or even multicolored. Being a plant of tropical origin, it requires warm, bright and humid environments. It is a beautiful plant but can require more care than expected especially if infested with parasites. Maintaining flowering requires a lot of care.

Indoor plants with flowers

For completeness, we propose a list offlowering indoor plants, among these there is no shortage of fragrant varieties or which, if well kept, can reach large sizes.

  • Palm of Hawaii
  • Desert Rose
  • Aquatic anthurium
  • Pineapple plant
  • Indoor roses
  • Indoor Tllandisa
  • Indoor sinningia
  • Euphorbia or crown of christ
  • Indoor Vriesea
  • Calathea
  • Guzmania
  • Indoor gardenia
  • Miltonidium
  • Eschinanto
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Kalanchoe

Hardy indoor plants

Every houseplant has specific needs, even if like me you don't have an innate green thumb, you can try your best to give the plant the care it needs. Just remember that the plant must be respected, if you really don't have time, decorate the house in a different way: you cannot be slaves to your plants and not even they can promptly wither for your carelessness. The indoor plants easier to care for are those without flowers, while in that article they are treated exclusively flowering plants.

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