LG's mega 3D TV

LG's mega 3D TV

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Sitting on the sofa at home, turning on the TV and being catapulted into the world of 3D cinema, beautiful isn't it? It's not a futuristic prediction that's what many TVs that integrate technology offer today three-dimensional. Among the various 3D televisions on the market there is someone who makes the difference. Let's see how.

The LG group offers the public one LCD TV At 72 inches, the television boasts LED and 3D technology mounted on what has been called the largest LED display on the planet. Get ready for the ultimate cinematic entertainment experience three-dimensional. The most spectacular cinematic experience you have ever lived and that you can enjoy every day from the comfort of your home.

The 72-inch model is called LZ9700 and is FULL LED, which means that every inch of the display has LED backlighting and guarantees low power consumption. In addition, the LCD display is equipped with 3D technology so as to make the viewer enjoy a life-size vision with a clear picture in both 2D and 3D.

The TV is equipped with innovative technology LG Full LED, this means that each image passes through a liminous LED panel that sits directly behind the screen. The panel produces vividly colored, natural and lifelike images. The TV display is extra large, with its 72 inches, the user will take home a bigger TV than ever. In addition to LCD and Full LED technology, support for 3D could not be missing, which gives a new level of depth to all images.

Another key feature of the LG TV is the technology TruMotion from 400Hz, with this system the user will be able to have a super fast image processing speed and even 3D will appear extremely fluid. LG was the first company to take advantage of OLED technology for large displays and is pioneering this sector.

TV data sheet:
LCD 3d TV display
Full-LED backlight display
72-inch class
TruMotion 400Hz
Micro Pixel Control (Local Dimming)
Smart TV
Magic Motion Remote Control
Smart Share with DLNA accessibility, Media Link, USB, etc ...

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