Rome Olympics 2020, yes but respecting the environment

Rome Olympics 2020, yes but respecting the environment

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The next Olympics will be held in London but for 2020 we could point the finger at the Italian capital. Rome could host the Olympics 2020? The candidacy of the Italian capital was at the center of heated debates. The project would be inconsistent with the real environmental and landscape possibilities of the Roman territory.

WWF and FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano intervened in the debate on Rome's candidacy to host the Olympics of 2020, and have drawn up a detailed dossier sent to the Presidency of the Council and to CONI.
In the document, WWF and FAI analyzed Rome's candidacy at Olympics 2020 highlighting contradictions with respect to the declared intentions, which are widely shared for the candidacy but not for the location of the Olympic Village and the Media Village.

As a yardstick for analyzing the candidacy, WWF and FAI have carried out their evaluations through the Regional Landscape Plan, the Tiber Basin Plan, the General Town Plan of the Municipality of Rome, the Strategic Development Plan 2011-2020 of Roma Capitale.

"It is true, the Olympics represent a great opportunity and are an event of extraordinary charm and beauty and that Rome has many assumptions that legitimately allow it to aspire to host the Olympic Games again and that the candidacy put forward by Rome for the 2020 Games enhances existing plants and could bring the city resources to improve important services ", explain WWF and FAI.

"But it is also true - associations continue - that in the advanced terms the candidacy of Rome increases the land consumption of the city in violation of the Regional Landscape Plan and the Tiber Basin Plan as well as in derogation from the Town Plan. If Rome therefore credibly intends to obtain the possibility of carrying out the Olympics, it must decide on a different location for the Olympic Village and the Media Center which, planned in Tor di Quinto and Saxa Rubra, insist in areas of relevance to the Tiber river on which the planning tools provide instead equipped green areas and not cubes which after the games would be transformed mainly into new residences ".

In fact, the project for Rome Olympics 2020 if on the one hand it has the ambitious goal of carrying out an environmental recovery work through the redevelopment of a park of about 70 hectares along the northern course of the Tiber River, on the other it intervenes so heavily that much of the territory disappears under the concrete.

The dossier points out a careful preventive and necessarily prejudicial assessment of all environmental issues and, in the first place, those related to the correct use of the territory, the minimization of land consumption, the protection of landscape and environmental resources.

No less important are they to specify those of an energy nature, but these today allow positive responses through the use of well-established advanced technologies certainly capable of adapting better to both existing structures and those to be built.

The project for the Rome Olympics 2020, while declaring to be part of the Sustainable Mobility Plan and in the Environmental and Energy Plan for which programs have already been prepared and some sources of funding identified, it must be carefully assessed for the location choices where new and "invasive" interventions are expected; the evaluative analyzes must then be carried out in accordance with the current planning, with particular attention in relation to the issues of safeguarding and enhancing the environment in all its components.

This operation is based on the following key projects:
- the Tiber River Park as a great interconnection element of the new Olympic Park, made navigable by the Castel Giubileo dam up to Ponte Milvio
-the creation of the Tor Vergata Sports City
- the modernization of many sports facilities for young people and families also in the suburbs, and in the south-west of Rome
- travel planning based on the principles of intermodality with interventions to revive metropolitan infrastructures
- the development of a large airport system and new efficient urban transport infrastructures, to improve the accessibility of all mobility and use systems in the city.

In conclusion, it is essential to avoid yet another opportunity for building speculations and to increase the overbuilding of the capital. May the immortal saying of Pierre de Coubertin: "The important thing is to participate" becomes "The important thing is to participate ... in a sustainable way”.

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