Expo 2015, looking for green partners

Which companies will be the protagonists ofExpo 2015? While Milan wants to forge relations with China and puts pressure on Israel, the call for tenders is about to close.Expo 2015 launched to select an energy partner that can apply the principles of environmental sustainability and zero emissions, key concepts for the International Exhibition to be held in Milan.

By the first half of March, the winning company of the tender set up by the commission will be appointed Expo 2015 to select an ideal energy partner who meets all the zero impact criteria and has all the credentials to pass the anti-mafia controls managed by the prefecture of Milan.

The companies that have already confirmed their presence in the front row are Telecom, Cisco and Accenture. Of course the companies just mentioned will not be the only ones, theExpo 2015, in addition to the energy partner, is on the hunt for companies that can deal with security, Cyber ​​Expo and the creation of a tailor-made terminal for the event. Environmental protection, sustainable mobility, innovation and a lot of technology, these will be the real protagonists ofExpo 2015 which will also come to life through the preparation of the Digital Smart City, which will bring wi-fi coverage throughout Milan. Who will take care of the Digital Smart City? The company Cisco System. But let's make an overview of the companies that will surely participate in theExpo 2015 in Milan.

Cisco System, say it deals with telecommunication is an understatement. The Cisco company is a world leader in providing network solutions; systems that transform the way people communicate. It deals with hardware and software development and supplies. Cisco employs over 66,500 employees worldwide. The company is a leader incore business routing and switching, so no one better than her could take care of setting up the Digital Smart City applying the most advanced technologies: networking, datacenter, mobility, unified communication and telepresence. In Italy, Cisco has over 700 employees, among the main offices, there is the one in Milan, with Vimercate.

For Telecom, at least in Italy there is no need for introductions, but the Accenture company? What do you do? If Cisco System can be synonymous with telecommunications, Accenture is a company that we find in many areas of the market because it deals with business consulting, technological innovation and outsourcing services. It has over 236,000 professionals in more than 120 countries around the globe. According to this first overview, it can be said that theExpo 2015 it only wants the best and does so by focusing on large companies. This is why the commission Milan Expo 2015 recently expressed his interest in Israeli groups, it is assumed that even companies in that country can give a lot. The purpose? “Feeding the Planet & Energy for Life

edited by Anna De Simone

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