Mediterranean diet, for a long and fertile life

Mediterranean diet, for a long and fertile life

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Mediterranean diet, long life and aphrodisiac effects ... but what does the Mediterranean diet have to do with aphrodisiac foods and with longevity? Well, a study has highlighted the umpteenth advantage of Mediterranean diet, it seems that this has aphrodisiac effects. Talking about it is a team of professors and researchers from the University of Naples.

Many people wonder what are the aphrodisiac foods, the answer is found in Mediterranean diet which is also the main ingredient of the elixir of life. The aphrodisiac effects of the Mediterranean diet, were the protagonists of a conference on "Reproductive Medicine", held a few days ago in Abano Terma.

At the conference, Professor Katherine Esposito of the University of Naples explained that the Mediterranean diet, promoting general well-being, can help a lot even between the sheets, in fact the antioxidant properties of foods have positive effects on the health of the arteries and consequently on sexual performance.

But what foods do we find in the Mediterranean cuisine? The cult is pasta with tomato sauce with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil added raw.

This diet - explained Professor Esposito - is characterized by a nutritional model that has remained constant over time, consisting mainly of olive oil, cereals, fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, dairy products, meat, and many condiments and spices, accompanied by wine or infusions

In addition to the already mentioned aphrodisiac effects, the Mediterranean diet could be synonymous with longevity, it is no coincidence that Italy is in tenth place in the world among the countries with a longer life span and therefore with a life expectancy of about 81.77 years.

Not only theoretical data, analyzing the data collected on a sample of over one and a half million people, it was seen that the target of people who followed a Mediterranean diet, lived longer with a significant reduction in mortality related to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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