Florigraphy: recognizing the language of flowers

Florigraphy: recognizing the language of flowers

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There is a big difference between paying homage to your partner with flowers and having to choose a flower arrangement for your work colleague who got a promotion. With what criteria can we make this choice? With the florigraphy. Each flower and each color has its own meaning. Let's see them together.

There florigraphy worked out a meaning for each flower and color, creating a language of flowers to which reference is made to interact indirectly. For example, red roses are the most gifted flowers in the world because of the meaning they represented.

The red color represent passion and impetuous love. The pink roses, a less passionate, sweeter love, more suitable for a gift to a relative or a close friend. The yellow roses they represent friendship, but if you give your partner jealousy. There White Rose represents purity and chastity. There Rosehip (the most common species in Italy) expresses pleasure and amorous suffering. There Tea rose (the rose we know best) symbolizes kindness, the boracina rose expresses kindness and the musky one the whim.

The appearance of the roses also determine their meaning: the closed bud represents confidentiality, while open means the rush of youth and joy.

At this point, before giving roses, it is advisable to understand what you want to express, to avoid making a bad impression if the recipient is an expert in florigraphy. Any purple flower symbolizes the memory of a love.

There primrose is the first flower that blooms in spring and symbolizes, a young and carefree love. Lavender indicates distrust and little trust in others, sunflower flattery and gratitude. There zinnia, very beautifull flower little known in Italy, it represents simplicity, like the margherita.

Who donate magnolia he wants to express good omen and dignity. The wisteria, with the warm color that takes its name, symbolizes openness to others and friendship. The beautiful Cherry blossoms, represent the link with tradition. The flowers of the peach tree represent an immortal love, while the white ones of the acacia indicate hope for a still platonic love: I recommend them for an engagement.

The yellow flowers of the Mimosa indicate modesty and confidentiality. L'orchid symbolizes sensuality and charm: it was considered an aphrodisiac flower and used in past centuries to prepare love potions or drinks that facilitated fertility. The lily represents innocence. The chrysanthemum, known by all as a common flower in the cemetery, it represents peace. The beautiful red carnation is a symbol of admiration and glory, the white one of love and purity. Jasmine, whose scent invades every room in which it is placed, embodies the joy and desire for love. THE chamomile flowers, similar to daisies, represent the ability to get by in adverse situations with a patient and serene attitude.

The calla represents the nobility of soul. When it is given as a gift, you want to express admiration for the beauty of the person in front of you and the great respect that is nurtured for it. The tulip yellow always represents love but in its most troubled meaning: legend has it that this flower was born from the blood of a lover who committed suicide following a disappointment of love. Beware if your girlfriend is attracted to snapdragons, it would mean that he is looking for another.

Flowers remain an ideal small gift for many occasions but should never be chosen at random. Flowers have this beautiful language so all that remains is …… to say it with a flower.

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