Bimoped, the auto transformer

Bimoped, the auto transformer

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Do you leave the house by car and go back to two wheels using the same vehicle? It's possible. Speed ​​through city traffic without traffic jams and above all with a zero CO2 footprint. This is why the electric vehicle Bimoped, designed specifically for the city, the sustainable car is also a two-wheeled vehicle. It was created to guarantee a double advantage, besides sustainability it can facilitate driving maneuvers so as to overcome the restricted conditions of urban traffic.

It was designed by the mechanical engineer Michael Druchunas, the sustainable concept that allows you to travel on four or two wheels: the car can be transformed into a moped. How? The designer has incorporated modular applications with which the original shape of the vehicle can be changed and reconfigured by switching from four to two-wheel drive.

The vehicle was designed to whiz through the streets of Amsterdam in fact the design was inspired by the largest aerospace industry in the Netherlands. The engineer Michael Druchunas, for the realization of his creature he decided to use the typical materials of the aerospace field. These are lightweight, aerodynamic but at the same time safe, resistant and robust materials. More importantly, the manufacturing materials have the ability to improve the cost effectiveness of production and the so-called "modularity " of the vehicle.

The ambitious project Bimoped includes a special range extender engine such as the Lotus or Fagor Re20. These are low cost and small displacement engines: 866cc with 20kW and equipped with an integrated generator. The electric motor could be flanked by a gas engine to ensure emergency power supply in the event of a flat battery, although the battery could be powered by the regenerative braking system.

Bimoped has a flexible shape, certainly could not be otherwise given that it is a vehicle that transforms! The shape of the machine includes a bulbous glass facade that integrates a photovoltaic module, also suitable for regenerating the engine battery. The glass behaves like a decomposable "greenhouse" but the real innovation is in the wheels, equipped with a detachable system that allows the dual mode of transport. To better understand the operation of the vehicle, see the PHOTO GALLERY of the Bimoped Concept.

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