Youtobegreen, sustainability within reach of the company

Youtobegreen is a program that tends to revolutionize the world of meetings and industrial events. Once again the internet will play a fundamental role in the sustainability of corporate meetings: it is no coincidence that YouToBeGreen is web platform which has all the credentials to rewrite the world of the market.

The Internet has changed everything and will do so once again by rewriting the way of doing business: meetings and telematic conferences could replace expensive business trips. Virtual exhibitions that will replace the Expo in the greenest ecocongress on the planet! YouToBeGreen is the first program that offers all this and in addition it brings a "eco certification " in the world of events.

YouToBeGreen will be able to elaborate the criteria that will assign a event certification so as to be able to identify those with low environmental impact - such as a videoconference where computers are powered by renewable energy, or a bicycle rally - and those that put the environment at risk.

The SGM Conference Center in Rome presented a preview of the project to the press and public opinion "Youtubegreen - The future event industry”And he did so in early March. During the conference, illustrious personalities such as Odilia De Rose and Lucilla Morelli (EcoCongress, co-organizer of the event together with Madeincongress) followed one another who presented the sales formula of YouToBeGreen and the future disciplinary on the certification of low impact events, certified by the company RINA spa. They also anticipated the strengths of the project "Youtubegreen-The future event industry". The cult event of YouToBeGreen will be held on June 18, 2012 at the headquarters of the SGM Conference Center in Rome.

The goal is to connect the commercial realities operating in the avent industry segment in an innovative, responsible and sustainable way. What is it about youtobegreen? It is a real commercial revolution, as companies will be able to interact with a customer, client or supplier simply by staying in front of a PC, tablet or latest generation mobile phone.

The project involves the launch of a web platform that will allow you to converse via video and chat with the professional with whom you want to speak. Through your web space to be customized with the layout, documents, videos and images you can represent and advertise the various company. A real innovation the youtobegreen as it will reduce harmful emissions by reducing travel and with event certification it will encourage companies to adopt an increasingly eco-friendly behavior.

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