The Earth Hour in Naples and surroundings

The Earth Hour in Naples and surroundings

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Earth Hour is also an alternative way to spend Saturday night. We have already told you about the great concert to be held in Rome. Not only does the capital organize zero-impact concerts, there are also other cities in Italy, which could not be missed Naples with exciting events and entertainment that will characterize the whole Campania region.

Marathons, shows, fires, concerts, tastings, tammorre and guitars. Concerts during theEarth Hour? Just when should all electrical equipment be turned off? Sure! In Naples, as in Rome, the concert will be powered by a pedal generator. Of course, the Roman one requires 128 cyclists, the one in Naples is smaller. This is a pedal home generator that tonight, right under the Duomo, will make possible a concert with various artists who will accompany users during the hour of darkness.

Concert, candle show, beautiful fire, music and artists. The 220 volt 50hz pedal power generator was made by the I.T.I laboratories. Renato Elia, a local generator developed by a team of Castellammare di Stabia.

In Campania there will be other activities dedicated toWWF Earth Hour. In Caserta, from 7.20 pm you can visit the Ecological House at the WWF Bosco San Silvestro Oasis where the public will be entertained by folk dances organized byLabyrintho Caserta Association. They will not fail mulled wine tastings and Oasi biscuits. The event ofWWF Bosco San Silvestro Oasis is designed for the little ones, while children will listen to the narration of interactive fairy tales, the older ones will be able to access a nocturnal route until the most panoramic point of the site arrives. An atypical way to spend Saturday evening and whoever wishes, can spend time in the place for an organic dinner.

In Sorrento the appointment is at 8.30 pm with Ancient Walls visit by candlelight. The experts ofAstroCampania Association they will provide everything you need to observe the constellations and celestial bodies. Other events in Campania will be active in Montella, San Nicola La Strada, Serre, in Naples, in addition to the Duomo, at theWWF Oasis of the Astroni Crater and Parete, at the WWF Agro Aversano-Naples north and Litorale Domizio where a concert with guitars and tammorre awaits you.

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