Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

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Is called Twizy and is destined to revolutionize the world of four wheels. Agile and dynamic like a scooter, safe and comfortable like a car. Sustainable only as a electric vehicle can do. With Twizy, Renault becomes a forerunner of innovation. You don't need long waits to get it, just go to a Renault dealer.


Too often the most innovative vehicles are just concepts, not yet realized. Fortunately this is not the case with Renault that puts its innovative electric vehicle, Twizy, a "ultramobile”Designed for urban centers and with a very affordable price. Twizy is placed on the market as the solution for urban mobility: as comfortable as a car but can be parked everywhere just like a scooter, on 50 meters it offers the same acceleration as a 125 cc scooter.

To satisfy all users, Twizy it comes in two versions, both customizable. We are talking about Twizy 45 and a more pushed version, the Twizy which easily reaches 80 km / h. Both versions can be customized with the Stripping Graphic Style Kits and the Colored Packs, which allow the customer to design his own Twizy according to his tastes. The most demanding can make use of the audio kit with hands-free phone, wind cover for thermal comfort, rear radar, anti-theft alarm. There are so many solutions offered by Renault but let's see what the classic model offers.

Twizy, data sheet.
Two seats
Electric motor
Twizy 45 power: 7kW / 9cv torque 33 Nm. Maximum speed limited to 45 km / h
Power Twizy: 13 kW / 17cv, torque 57 Nm. Speed ​​80 km / h
6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery
Energy recovery system when the pedal is released
Integrated 3-meter spiral charging cable
12 V accessory socket in the dashboard compartment
Full charge in less than 3 hours
Ultra-compact dimensions, 2.34m long by 1.24m wide
Acceleration: 6 seconds to go from 9 to 45 km / h
Panoramic view: thanks to open architecture
Parking assistance
Turning radius: 3.4 m
Renault Sport Technologies chassis with 4 disc brakes
Dashboard with two storage compartments
Backrest with rear compartment of 31 lt

Pending the spread of electric columns, Twizy it can be easily charged at home, using an adapter that connects the integrated cable to a 220 V domestic socket. Twizy 45 is available today at a price of € 6,990, including VAT. The real treat offered by Twizy are the wing doors, the vertically opening doors that not only confer on electric vehicle a further boost to the design, but they are extremely comfortable especially in cases of parking in the urban jungle.


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