Thierry Boch: moving towards the future sustainable

Thierry Boch: moving towards the future sustainable

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A real network devoted to changing mobility in cities. He dreams of it, tells about it and works on it Thierry Boch, the founder of E-holding, inspired by the Smart Grid principle: he is the dreamer of a different city model. Thanks also to these projects.

1) What is How and when was it born? is an entrepreneurial project born with the aim of changing mobility in cities and offers sustainable urban mobility solutions, therefore with zero CO2 emissions, that are uncompromising, chic and that allow everyone to rediscover pleasure to move around the city. In 2009 I founded it starting from the idea that electric mobility needed a new Business Model to be able to spread with products and services aimed at change. Based on the universal concept “offellee fà il to mestee”, we deal with sustainable mobility and with a network approach we bring together all the actors, only if they are specialists, who can allow change, from products to services.

2) What kind of products and services do you provide today? At what cost?

Our products range from personal movers, bicycles, mopeds to cars, all strictly electric. We also offer a wide range of commercial vehicles and minibuses from 6 to 18 seats for companies, communities and administrations. As for services, based on agreements with the various brands we represent, we also offer technical assistance for the entire range. Another branch of products that are fundamental for us is that of financing and leasing: short or long-term rental solutions or even car sharing.


3) Who do you turn to and who is most interested? Has interest changed since you were born to today?

We appeal to all people or companies who want to improve their individual movements in the cities, with the final result of increasing the quality of life, both for themselves and for those who live around them. Through our sustainable but practical solutions we want to show that you can achieve all this without giving up the pure pleasure of moving around your city, indeed often rediscovering the most beautiful areas. This type of choice today is not a mass phenomenon, both for an economic aspect, but even more for a cultural one. In the last twelve months, however, we are seeing an ever-increasing concrete interest on the part of many citizens, probably reaching saturation: there are perhaps a series of factors that they no longer want in their daily life.

4) Do you have partnerships or collaborations with private individuals? What relationship do you have with public institutions?

We have partnerships already started or in the process of being defined with all the specialists who can create a system and encourage change, from the Bank (BPM), to Long-Term Rental (LeasePlan), to Assistance (Bosch Car Service), to Car Sharing ( SEMS e-Vai) up to the construction of plants, energy contracts from renewable sources or insurance. In fact, a real network has been created dedicated to changing mobility in cities. The sore point is that today the public administration of Milan is neglecting electric mobility in an unacceptable way, when by now any Italian city, not to mention internationally, is taking great strides in this direction. And Milan remains one of the most polluted cities in the world!

5) What does the project consist of? is a non-profit project that consists in the creation of a sustainable mobility pole, in which each of our partners contributes by making their skills available. The goal is to create a park in which energy from renewable sources will be generated for a car park where cars, scooters or electric bikes can be recharged, partly also intended for rental and sharing according to an intermodal concept, all based on the Smart Grid principle. Having a strongly didactic value, the project involves the construction of stations in the park where children can learn by playing, and therefore learn about the most sustainable energies: the real dove's egg for electric mobility.


6) When and where would it be achievable? is an absolutely modular project and can be developed where ideal conditions are achieved. By needing to occupy public spaces, the public administration has a fundamental role in creating the basis for everything to exist. Our first goal is to build it in a specific district of Milan (in Via Tolstoj at the corner with Via Savona), where ideal conditions already exist: the newly built public garden and public parking and on the border with Area C of tomorrow. We have identified a strategic point there for a modal change. The cost of the project will be spread over all the participants in the project, so it is zero for the community and varies according to the size of the structure.

7) With and, Milan could become….

More two-wheeled and 4-wheeled vehicles, when needed, without local pollution, without disturbing noises and perhaps without an occupant and 4 or more empty seats: No more columns and traffic due to parking. Milan could indeed become a city with a higher quality of life for its citizens, especially for the little ones, who are future citizens. The specialized approach to individual mobility will allow you to move with the right vehicle in the right place, for the benefit of all.

But if we think of "in 10 years" and, in their being complementary, despite being born in Milan they will not stop here: they belong to our time and to all the big cities, Italian or foreign, in where there are problems of mobility and pollution.

Interview byMarta Abbà

Video: Webinar: Future of Sustainability 2020 - US (July 2022).


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