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Green geek bikini

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What's in a wardrobe green geek girl? Maybe simple swimsuits or very special bikinis! A bikini to recharge the iPad on the beach or a bikini made with recycled hardware! In short, the choice is vast but for your safety, girls! We very much hope that you wear some "trivial" but practical costumes!

Let's start with the most unsightly but certainly the most functional one. It is about Solar Film Bikini, a swimsuit that can recharge your smartphone. It was launched on the market by Andrew Schneider. To make it work you simply have to wear it and lie down to sunbathe! The costume is entirely covered with solar panels. Better think twice before jumping into the water!


Andrew Schneider's is not the only invention. There are other sexier swimsuits - as sexy as a hitech item can be called! - ready to be worn for this summer's swimsuit fitting. We are talking about the solar bikini which launched by the manufacturer of Triumph lingerie. In this case, the swimsuit is equipped with a small and well hidden on / off button.

There is no shortage of bikini made with old recycled hardware. Created by Jennifer Shannon and Andi Cheung, the bikini aims to challenge the role of women in the tech sector. In electronics, technology and programming, there are few women militants, so this one bikini is dedicated to the female world. A provocation but also a tribute.

None of these costumes are practical to wear, maybe they're not even safe! There are many ways to recharge your smartphone outside the home and also to recycle hardware components, these listed here are certainly not the smartest but noteworthy: it is surprising to see how manufacturers and designers look to new horizons, confirming, day after day , the growing desire to "green". For low impact beachwear, we recommend bamboo and organic cotton swimwear.


Photo © Alexander Kozovski

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