How to check the license points

How to check the license points

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Have you committed any offenses or have you received penalties for violating traffic regulations? How long has it been since then? For check the points of the license all you need is a phone or an internet connection.

How to check the license points. The points supplied
Each driver initially has 20 points. After two years without having committed any infractions, you get an incentive of 2 points up to a maximum of 30 points: the deduction of driving license points is not provided for all infractions and the number of points removed may also vary.

For check the points on the license it will be necessary to know how to answer these questions.

In the event of notification of the offense at home and not directly from an agent, it is necessary to declare who was behind the wheel at the time the infringement was committed, otherwise silent consent is applied: i.e. the assumption of responsibility by the 'holder of the insurance.

How to check the license points. The phone call
Just call 848782782. It is not a toll-free number: the call is subject to a fee and the cost of an urban call varies according to the rates of your telephone company. It can only be done from a fixed device.
At the time of the call it is important to have a driving license.

How to check the license points. The website
You can connect to this website, the motorist portal, where you can check your points balance:

On this portal the Ministry of Transport has activated the online service for verifying the balance of points on your driving license: you simply need to register on the site by following the instructions on the home page.
Information on the status of your license is in real time.

The lost score can be recovered by attending specific courses, with the obligation of a final exam, at driving schools or at other subjects authorized by the Ministry of Transport.

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