1,000 MW of wind power for Uruguay

1,000 MW of wind power for Uruguay

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On some summer evenings, the Uruguayan wind satisfies 80 to 90% of its energy needs. Uruguay is a small country and its energy hunger could be almost totally satisfied by wind farms, many projects and various realities already active. This is how little Uruguay will become a giant ofwind energy.

By 2015, Uruguay could add 1,000 MW of electricity from renewables. It is estimated that more than half of this capacity will be in the assembly phase by the end of this 2012. The authoritative voice for Uruguayan Energy, Ramon Mendez Galain, is very confident in thewind energy which could be the cheapest source of energy in Uruguay, the nation of only 3.3 million inhabitants.

According to the official press releases, the price of thewind energy it dropped to $ 63.50 per MWh, a very good result considering that just seven months earlier it cost $ 85 per MWh. In 2011, the small nation had only 43 MW in operation wind energy but on the construction site there were various ways wind farms of 50 MW. Six new ones will be built by the end of 2014 wind farms from 100 and 42 megawatts. The rest of the capacity will be reached by 2015 for a total total power of 1,000 MW.

Uruguay’s projects do not arise out of nowhere. The nation has a history of constant growth in the field ofclean energy. For example, in 2007 the UNDP and the Global Environment Facility, in collaboration with the National Directorate for Energy, were able to create Wind farm of Caracoles, a plant wind power of the latest generation, capable of providing a power of 20 MW. Thanks to this plant it was possible to leave the dependence on hydroelectric plants and oil fuel.

Triggering the race towardswind power it was not an eco-virtuous push. The nation saw inwind power a clean and economical source of energy, especially following the droughts that had reduced the volume of water available for the plants hydroelectric. The hydroelectric capacity of Uruguay is about 1,500 MW, this power will be offset by the wind farms when they are all operational.

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