Ecofriendly chairs for your garden

Ecofriendly chairs for your garden

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What would you say about decorate the garden with a line of seats made entirely with recycled materials? This is the result of the collaboration between Loll and Rapson Inc. a collection of outdoor furniture 100% ecofriendly.

High or low back chairs? It depends on yours garden, if you prefer a style lounge a chair with a low back would be fine to start with.

The chairs were made respectively with 344 recycled packages - high school - and 322 packages for the low back chair. These are the so-called "milk jugs", large plastic milk jugs that at the end of their life cycle, thanks to the collaboration between Loll and Rapson Inc., have started a new consumption path in the form of garden chairs.

The chair made up of 344 packs of recycled milk weighs about 19 kg. The price is $ 999 for the lounge model and $ 1099 for the high-back chair. For now, the seating line ecofriendly it is composed only of these two pieces but the collection is destined to grow within the next year.

Credits: Loll Designs

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