How to eat vegan: tofu and seitan

That vegan it involves a dietary lifestyle in which animal foods and their derivatives are strictly excluded. How could we substitute certain foods we were used to?

A valid ally of vegan cuisine and vegetarian is tofu
Tofu is a food that is obtained in a similar way to cheese, that is by coagulating soy milk with citric acid, lemon juice or magnesium salts. On the market it can now be found in many shops Organic products, or in supermarkets in many preparations: natural, smoked, flavored with herbs or chilli, soft or more consistent.

Tofu is a tasteless food, it is in fact the herbs and the way of cooking it to give it special aromas, making it a precious ally in the kitchen, used in both sweet and savory preparations.In addition, tofu is an excellent source of protein. vitamins, iron, calcium and other minerals.
Tofu is a versatile food: it can be used as a filling, in the preparation of sauces, dressings, salads or desserts.

Also, it can be crumbled plain and sautéed with a little garlic or onion to fill baked zucchini, peppers or tomatoes. Alternatively, you can stir-fry with sesame seeds to enrich summer salads. The tofu it can be an excellent ingredient to fill quiche (with spinach, leek, broccoli or escarole) or the classic panzerotti with vegetables.

As for sauces and toppings, you can really indulge in the recipes with tofu: from pasta with tofu ragout, to trofie with tofu pesto, pasta salad with tofu, cherry tomatoes, olives and basil, warm chickpea purée with tofu or sauces with all sorts of vegetables. Tofu is a friendly ingredient, used in this way acquires the flavor of the food next to it and makes the dish rich and nutritious.

Another ally vegan: the seitan
Seitan, on the other hand, is obtained from gluten, the protein of wheat, which is why it is notoriously considered the "meat" of vegetarians.
The seitan, basic ingredient of the most traditional dishes of Japanese cuisine, is found with increasing ease in the fresh counter in the form of different preparations: natural, in blocks, as stew, smoked or flavored in various ways, even as sliced ​​or sausage.

It can also be found in flour
To prepare it is simple: just mix it and make it consistent with a little water and then boil it with soy sauce, seaweed or other aromas to always have fresh seitan available for the whole week. Unlike tofu, it has a natural flavor reminiscent of bread.
The preparations of seitan they are much more related to those that are usually typical of the way of cooking meat. Because of its consistency, in fact, seitan can become a roast to be sliced, meatballs or meat loafs, steaks and scallops or hamburgers, stews or meat sauce or even skewers.

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